DSTL: All Good Things

Q once said ‘All good things must come to an end’. Sat here at Trekkie Girls HQ (a 1990’s identi-kit house with mock tudor cladding) we feel far removed from our trekkie bubble and Star Trek themed sets/props that we have been living in this weekend (ok MDF, glass buttons and glue).

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World Records and TNG Party

Last Night the Cast of DS9 and Enterprise very kindly threw TNG an anniversary party. Avery Brooks sang and played the piano. There were a lot more people attending than on Friday nights Klingon Monster Ball and much more of a celebratory feel. Audiences sat mesmerised at his music. We’re not entirely sure what genre it falls under but we like it.

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Five Captains

To conclude the first day at DSTL we were treated to the Five Captains opening ceremony with Scott Bakula, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart and William Shatner.

The hall was packed out with eager fans ready to see their Captains but we were treated to a line up of all the guest stars. Including JG Hetzler and Robert O’Reily dressed up as Martok and Gowron. Their makeup was spot on, we got chills down our puny human spines when faced with the Chancellor and General themselves.

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