Interviews at Destination Star Trek London

We were very lucky to get to interview some of the guests before the official opening. The press pit was crazier than Klingon with Vulcan blood fever but we survived it!

William Shatner was delighted to be at a convention in London, he loves meeting up with his fellow Captains and is good friends with Patrick Stewart. We’d love to listen in on that dinner conversation.
Interviewing Mr Shatner was an incredible opportunity and thanks to media 10 for making this happen.

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DSTL Weekend Highlights

Hopefully you have soaked in all of our wisdom from our  ‘How To Survive a Star Trek Convention’ series and now you are almost ready to attend the real deal.

Whether this is your first or forty seventh convention, you still need to plan your days and we hope this will help you.
The Timetable has been released and there is something for everyone. We wish we had clones of ourselves so we could do it all. But for us single bodied lifeforms, we have to choose. 

Here is a little guide of what we think are going to be the unmissable events:

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What The Spock shall I wear?

For us, this week will be like watching Data watching a kettle boil. If we had an internal chronometer, we’d turn it off. If we had a Delorean, we’d be 88mph into Friday.

We talk a lot about costuming (or cosplaying for the trendy greeks). But if it’s not your thing, don’t dispair. There will be lots of people in ‘civilians’.
However as we have mentioned in some of our previous post such as Trek Fashion Beams Down To London and Colour Blocking Federation Style there are many highstreet stores that are selling garments ‘in the style’ of Star Trek. So if you want to wear something ‘inbetween’, these items make good tributes to Trek Style. We’re sure Garak would approve. For the Ladies:

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Our new website is finally active
We hope you like our new home. Put your feet up and have some tea, earl grey, hot.

Whilst we are at Destination Star Trek London on the 19th – 21st October, this blog will go LIVE and feed directly into  with interactive features such as;

  • Polls
  • Photo sharing
  • Video feed
  • Games with prizes!

We’ll provide all the news and gossip, trying to blag interviews with our favourite actors and actresses but mostly having a whole load of fun.

Stay tuned for more updates including our latest episode of Trekkie Girls where we give our advice on finding that Special Trekkie in your life.

Horghans on Standy!