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Star Trek Discovery Heading to Star Trek Las Vegas

… And so does a Trekkie Girl!

Next week the annual official Star Trek Convention beams back the Rio with Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas!

Taking place 2nd – 6th August at the Rio All Suites Las Vegas the convention features over 100 stars from both in front and behind the scenes from each incarnation of Star Trek…yes, even the new movies (Mmm Karl Urban!).

If headliners such as William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Patrick Stewart (THE PICARD!) and Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) weren’t enough to entice us trekkies to travel all over the world to attend, then the latest news that Star Trek Discovery are sending an envoy to promote the new series, will have us flying to Vegas at Warp Speed.

Star Trek Discovery at STLV

The first day of the convention (Wednesday 2nd August) will have a heavy emphasis on Star Trek Discovery. This includes the exhibit of props/costumes and art. Having seen some of the props at SDCC last weekend, I can assure you it’s not to be missed!

You will also have the opportunity to sit in the USS Discovery’s Captain’s chair for a free photo. It’s about time you updated your Facebook profile pic anyway.

Starting at 14:30 in the main theatre you have FOUR HOURS OF DISCOVERY TALKS!!

14:30 – 15:30
Inside the Star Trek: Discovery’s Writers Room – Kirsten Beyer and Ted Sullivan take fans inside the Star Trek: Discovery writer’s room and the development of the upcoming TV series.

15:30 – 16:30
Introducing Star Trek: Discovery – Straight from the set, Star Trek Las Vegas welcomes Mary Chieffo, Kenneth Mitchell and Sam Vartholomeos of the Star Trek: Discovery cast.

16:30 – 17:30
Designing the Creatures of Star Trek: Discovery – Meet the designers, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page, that are bringing the Star Trek: Discovery creatures to life.

17:30 – 18:30
Star Trek: Discovery Comics & Novels Revealed – Join Kirsten Beyer, Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, David Mack and Ed Schlesinger as offer a first look at the new Star Trek: Discovery novels and comics coming this fall.

Disco Disco Disco!
Pro Tip: Look out for Jason Gorn (Ted Sullivan’s pet Gorn). He is the power house behind Discovery and will be wandering around the floor throughout the convention.

The Next Generation’s 30th Anniversary

Celebrate the Official 30th Anniversary Reunion of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Moderated by Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax).

Seeing ALL of the TNG cast on stage together is a rare and wonderful event. Their sense of humour, relationship and ability to engage with the audience is a must for all Trekkies to experience.

Starring together on stage: Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Denise Crosby and John de Lancie! (Yep you read that right, Jonathan Frakes too!)

Honouring Leonard Nimoy

Three separate presentations honoring legendary Leonard Nimoy, the prolific actor/director, best known for playing Spock in the Star Trek franchise include: a special celebration of the life and legacy of Leonard Nimoy (by son, Adam); a documentary, “Remembering Leonard Nimoy”, an intimate journey into Nimoy’s personal life, produced and directed by his daughter Julie and son-in-law David Knight which will be premiered at the convention, and a special video presentation of Leonard Nimoy’s final convention appearance at Creation’s 2011 Chicago convention.


We’ll be writing more about the parties in the coming days when we talk about highlights but one to draw attention to is the Star Trek Saturday Evening Gala Celebration. This special night will be lead by Emmy and Grammy nominated composer, Ron Jones (who has composed music for television shows including Star Trek: The Next Generation, American Dad! and Family Guy) with his Influence Jazz Orchestra.  Special guest performers will include Jimmy Darren, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Camille Saviola, Max Grodenchik, Chase Masterson, JG Hertzler, and Robert O’Reilly.  The concert will take place Saturday, August 5 at 9:30 p.m. (a separate ticket required for general admission).

More Information


Schedule (PDF Link)

Tickets – Available on the door starting from $65. PRO TIP: Buy them half price on Groupon


First time attending? Check out the Shore Leave podcast’s STLV 101 Podcast for tips and tricks.

Also see our posts from regarding previous Star Trek Las Vegas

This year Sam will be reporting solo. If you see me wandering around Quarks or the newly constructed 10 Forward lounge. Please say Qapla’ !

San Diego Comic Con – Star Trek Discovery Panel.

A couple of casual conversations and friends being excellent has meant that Sam attended San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Moonlighting as a roving reporter for TrekCore I was able to attend the Star Trek Discovery Press Panel and speak to some of the cast and crew.

Star Trek Discovery Panel SDCC

I flew into SDCC at warp speed Saturday morning. Unfortunately  I didn’t make it into the hall for the Discovery Panel hosted by Rainn Wilson who will play Harry Mudd. Those who made it in had been queuing since 6.30 am!

Soon after the panel in which they dropped this stunning trailer.

San Diego Comic Con went all phasers firing in promoting Star Trek Discovery (and rightly so!) with an exhibition showcasing props, costumes and set pieces for us to gawd over and admire/nitpick – depending which side of the neutral zone you sit on.

Star Trek Discovery Press Panel

Panelists in the press event included Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham), Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), Doug Jones (Saru), Shazad Latiff (Lt Tyler), Mary Wiseman (Cadet Tilly), Anthony Rapp (Lt Stamets) James Frain (Sarek), Rainn Wilson (Harry Mudd) along with executive producers Gretch Berg, Heather Kadin, Alex Kurtzman, Aaron Harberts and Akiva Goldman from the creative department.

Doug Jones who plays Lt Saru also said he had sat in the chair as he is third in command of the USS Shenzhou.

The best moment was when a reporter recalled what an inspiration Nichelle Nicholls had been in the 60’s for representing black women. And although we never saw her take command (TAS excluded) it is bitter sweet to see Sonequa take that journey.

Sonequa got genuinely emotional describing her gratitude and appreciation on the role ahead of her. She has a true grasp of the nature and essence of Star Trek. In fact, I believe the entire cast and crew do.

One of the big shockers to be revealed was that Michael Burnham is Spock’s adoptive sister. (This tweet reports step-sister but it is in fact adoptive sister, same logic to canon applies though!)

There goes our theory that Burnham is Spock and Uhura’s child!


I was able to have the opportunity to speak to a few of the cast and crew. Unfortunately as this was a very last minute arrangement I didn’t have my recording equipment so it’s somewhat crude! Which seems to be our style now!

These interviews were in collaboration with Trekcore

SCOOP: Shazad Latif on DISCOVERY’s P.O.W. Survivor, Lt. Ash Tyler


James Frain on Inheriting the Role of ‘Sarek’ for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

Mary Wiseman on DISCOVERY’s Young Cadet, Sylvia Tilly

More to follow including more interviews and day 2 visit to the Star Trek Discovery exhibition and dealer stands.

SDCC is the start of the Con season coverage from Trekkie Girls with Carole and Sarah reporting from London Film and Comic Con next Saturday 28th and Sam at Star Trek Las Vegas 2nd – 5th August.

Win a Pair of Tickets to GAAAYS IN SPAAACE!

Are you going to Star Trek Las Vegas 2nd – 5th August? Even if you don’t have tickets to the convention you can still attend the fabulous GAAAYS IN SPAAACE event and win a pair of tickets with the Trekkie Girls.


Hosted on Friday 4th August at the newly opened club FLAIR, the evening party will include Star Trek supporters of GIS; Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), Robert Beltran (Chakotay), J.G Hertzler (Martok), John Billingsley (Dr Phlox), Aron Eisenberg (Nog) and Chase Masterson (Leeta).

For more info and to book tickets here.

If you can’t make the evening event (or you want to attend both) then head to the Friday Family Brunch at Hamburger Mary’s. 

Book the Friday Family Brunch Here.

What is Gaaays in Spaaace?

“After so many years of feeling marginalized and forgotten, the significance of seeing ourselves as active, equal members of the all-inclusive Utopian future that GENE RODDENBERRY created for mankind at long last was truly overwhelming.

We felt obligated to not allow this moment in history to pass without commemoration and so we created a multi-city, cross country futuristic equality celebration tour called… GAAAYS IN SPAAACE.” – Source GIS Website


There are two events hosted by Gaaays in Space in Las Vegas and you can win a pair of tickets to an event of your choice.

To enter you need to RT this tweet

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Going to #STLV? Share this post to win a pair of tickets to GAYS IN SPAAACE! Ends 25th July. More Info:…

Posted by Trekkie Girls on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The winner will be picked randomly. Closing date is Tuesday 25th. Prize for entrance tickets to one event only, doesn’t include any travel or other expenses.

Destination Star Trek Birmingham returns 19 – 21 October 2018

Breaking with their tradition of announcing months ahead of it’s launch. Destination Star Trek is returning to Birmingham NEC 19 – 21st October 2018…. that’s right 2018! This gives us almost an eternity to save up and plan!

With over a year to go, it’s plenty of time to put in holiday request, threaten friends not to get married that weekend and avoid sexual relations nine months before.

Remarkably they are able to announce guests this far ahead including William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Linda Park (Hoshi Sato YESS!!), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Aron Eisenberg (Nog) and Max Grodenchik (Rom).

The difficulty event organisers face is whether to announce early with a small lineup or go fully loaded torpodeos with a large lineup so everyone knows what they are paying for, but not as long to plan.

We’re glad they have decided to announce early. They have established a reputation of pulling in the biggest names, so the customer base is established. There isn’t the pressure to book now or miss out. We have time to save up.

That said, we would suggest booking hotel rooms. Some rates can be cancelled up till 24 hours before. We understand the main hotel for this event is the Hilton Metropole Birmingham.

With 16 months to go we’re sure they’ll be much to be announced between then and now. We hope they make a huge thing of Star Trek Discovery with guests from cast and crew.

A celebration of Deep Space Nine’s 325th Birthday would be fitting too.

Something they have been able to reveal is a special Ferengi Family portrait with Armin Shimerman, Aron Eisenberg and Max Grodenchik all dressed in character!

These character pictures are getting more popular at events, what makes this stand out is it’s the first time Admin will have appeared as Quark since he appeared in Deep Space Nine.

Tickets on sale NOW!

Credit Cards on Standby for Destination Star Trek – On Sale Next Week!

Destination Star Trek announcement


Here we go again! The best way to get over the post con blues is to start planning your next event.  It’s like Q was watching, snapped his fingers and landed this on our social media channels.

It’s Destination Star Trek doing what Destination Star Trek does best, announce announcements!

But if you are subscribed to DST’s emails, you will have seen this extra bit of information confirming that there is definitely another Destination Star Trek on it’s way with tickets on sale next week! (21st June, 19:00 BST)

Remember, we’re simple tailors…umm Trekkie Girls so we don’t have any behind the scenes information to give you. But we do like to guess!

There’s no clue as to when this will be held. The last DST’s have been held in October or February. Could there be one this October!? Or maybe next February? Give us some time to save please!

They state “all will be revealed” – we presume this means location and possibly initial guest list? Maybe a preemptive cancellation apology from Jonathan Frakes!?
Previous locations have included the London ExCel, Birmingham NEC and Frankfurt.

We also wondered if “Data incoming” was a clue? Brent Spiner perhaps??

This year we have the TNG 30th Anniversary but 2018 has much to celebrate with the 25th Anniversary of DS9 and we’ll be into the second season of Star Trek Discovery. Hopefully this will be bring an influx of fans into our crazy Trekkie club, looking to experience their first Star Trek Convention.


Fedcon – TNG Cast Panel


See our other Fedcon posts

The Highlight of the Fedcon weekend for us and many others was The Next Generation talk with LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Colm Meaney, Denise Crosby and John de Lancie.

TNG talk Fedcon

We’re fortunate enough to have seen them together a few times now but it’s always a treat. The report between them is legendary. They are friends who enjoy each others company and make each other laugh. That friendship and humour is passed on to the audience and the result is an electric atmosphere and memorable panel.

We’re not sure if someone had snuck a Horga’hn into LeVar’s luggage or something but he had sex on the brain during that panel!

The next question was from an actress in the audience who asked how they overcame nerves before going on stage. LeVar’s response was “I find a good wank helps!” – seriously!! We started to type it on twitter then chickened out!

Then John de Lancie started to recall a story with an actress which involved him accidentally ripping a whole in his trouser pockets, which he attempted to cover his dignity whilst his character confess he was attracted to her. It was very animated and had the audience in stitches!

Most poignant statement of the weekend and sadly topical with a few of the Star Trek Discovery reactions:

Fedcon Day 3


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Our day started by returning to our hotel at 4am for a brief sleep before finding ourselves oddly still alive when we awoke a few hours later!

Gates McFadden Fedcon

We ran to the Chase Masterson talk only to find she was in the small hall and it was full! We were denied! After Star Trek talks there was only one other thing we could think of; food and drink. We needed it like a Jem’Hadar needs Ketral White!

We went to the hotel buffett and here’s something a bit odd about Fedcon, you need tokens to buy food!? So we went to buy tokens, but they didn’t accept credit cards. So we went to the ATM machine. And you know what? It was out of order!
We walked bloody miles (actually 500 metres but with a hangover – that’s an eternity!) to get cash. We found food on the way!

After sitting through the Jenna Coleman talk we were ready for Gates McFadden!

Gates McFadden

Gates came bouncing onto the stage dancing and leaping. One thing we love about Gates is she has the body language of a dancer. I don’t think she can help herself and it’s infectious, we want to skip and twirl down the corridors each time we see her.

Something else we have noticed is that she gets funnier each time we see her on stage which made sense when she explained to the audience that she was stalked for a long time. This made her very nervous (understandably!)at appearing at events.

Marina Sirtis

Marina took to the stage and told us she was feeling emotional. Saturday night there had been another terrorist incident in London. When she declare that Brits would not be defeated the audience went wild.
It felt like we were being given a big hug from everyone in the audience. After the Brexit fiasco it was welcome to that level of solidarity with our European neighbours.


Fedcon Day 2 overview Pt1



The Trekkie Girls are at Fedcon for a second day, attending talks, visiting dealer stands and getting merry with fellow trekkies!

See our first impressions here 

LeVar Burton

Normally at events we’re screaming at the alarm clock at 6 am but Fedcon is chill! After a nice lay in we head to the LeVar Burton talk. All Trekkie have one thing on their mind at the moment – Star Trek Discovery and a lot of questions relate to it. LeVar was very open to working on the series.

After listening to LeVar speak for a while he seemed to remind us more and more of Geordi La Forge. He has that same calming sensitivity, intellect and optimism. So Sam decided to ask him he felt he had the closest personality to his character out of all the TNG cast. LeVar agreed although also felt Patrick Stewart was close with Picard and quipped “Patrick could be grumpy like Picard!”

An audience member asked LeVar how he felt about race and casting, e.g. Acting in roles where the character is a difference ethnic origin or in cosplay. LeVar gave a very Star Trek answer; “It just depends” and there could be “no absolutes” (reminded us of Picards speech from TNG Justice. He cited examples in his past where he had a white stuntman despite there being plenty of qualified stuntmen who look like LeVar. But when it comes to cosplay, he knows most people are trying to emulate their favourite characters and their intentions are good natured.

When asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a guest at these conventions, LeVar responded that he’d be sat our side of the audience watching. (He is one of us!)

After LeVar’s talk there was a gap in the schedule so we decided to head back to our own hotel and sample the roof bar. With the backdrop of the United Nations building we felt we were in Starfleet.

We stumbled back to Fedcon and were grateful for the back to back panels which allowed us to rest after drinking too much! We normally stick to Star Trek orientated guests and talks (being the Trekkie Girls!) but we couldn’t resist the Matt Smith Panel. Matt was thoughtful, funny and humble. We’re glad we sat in.

John de Lancie

The John de Lancie talk was originally scheduled in the secondary hall but when organisers saw how overcrowded and popular it was they swapped it for the main hall. Command level thinking there!

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn’s panel began by him clarifying his non-involvement with Star Trek Discovery. A while ago a source reporting from another event misquoted him as guest starring. Dorn was quick to clarify but the fact that he opened his talk by discussing it gave us the impression he wanted to make sure no one minced his words! We were extra careful typing the tweet!

Fedcon Day 2 Overview – Pt2

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Highlights from Day 2 continued.

Colm Meaney

Colm was the final guest to take to the stage on day 2 of Fedcon. Here are our top highlights from his talk:

Colm Meaney Fedcon

The highlight of Colm’s talk (possibly weekend) was when he sang Minstrel Boy from TNG The Wounded:

The Evening

There aren’t themed parties as such at Fedcon like there are at Star Trek Las Vegas or Destination Star Trek but that’s because it’s one long party! They have a pop up ‘Romulan pub’ bar. A dancefloor and a DJ adjacent to the Klingon Bar (our favourite). Don’t worry, the dance floor served as a neutral zone between the respective Klingon and Romulan Bars!

When the panels finished we felt it was a good time to sample the local Romulan Ale. All conventions have their own style and we’re sure shares in Blue Curaçao rise whenever thousands of Trekkies gather.

Maybe it was too ‘done’ but Fedcon didn’t have it’s own Romulan Ale. Instead fans were requesting their own variants to be specially made.

Another blessing was the food and drink vendors in the outdoors area. Never too busy, they served a portion of chips and probably other food too. But after a few beverages, us Brits only need a portion of chips!

Overall, a very enjoyable evening. Marina Sirtis was on the dance floor, there was a conga line, we met new friends and caught up with old ones.

Fedcon – Opening Ceremony and Marina Sirtis Talk

Marina Sirtis

The first talk we attended was Fedcon’s most favourite guest (as voted for by last years patrons) Marina Sirtis. 

Marina can always deliver an entertaining talk and the audience hangs on to her every word. It didn’t take long for her to get into politics!  

Deanna Troi and Marina Sirtis is our favourite Juxtaposition. They are probably the most diametrically opposed personalities between an actor and her character. And we love them both!

We were there to bombard our twitter followers with every detail of our experience. Check out our top live tweets from the talk:

Marina also told Fedcon a hilarious story about how her temper got her onto the the TSA’s flight watch list!

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was like most opening ceremonies at events, late to start but a great opportunity to see all the guests in one place. It also kick starts a feeling of celebration to take you into the weekend.

What stands out about the guest list at Fedcon is the large number of lecturers and scientists here. These guests are hugely respected and popular amongst the German fans. I accidentally sat in on a German speaking talk about the science of Star Trek and despite not understanding a word, I could see the audience hanging onto every word. It also means I have no idea of the context of the sex toy in this slide!?

Then something that I never thought I’d experience and will probably never experience again. David Hasselhoff entering through the transporter room and the crew of TNG dancing to his music!

Gates McFadden’s plane landed just in time for her to appear at the end of the ceremony. It was a tie who was more pleased to see her, the audience or the cast!