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Mega guest press conference!

No sonner does the TNG conference finish as nearly every other guest arrives on stage. We find press conferences a bit weird because there is no fan spirit just photogs gawking!

Dominic characteristically gets the first joke in when they ask for questions he asks “when’s lunch?” – well we laughed!

Trek radio ask Jeffrey Coombes about difficult makeup. But Jefferey doesn’t have a favourite, he said it would be like picking a favourite child.

We asked Dominic and Conner about the campaign to bring back Enterprise which they felt was very flattering, especially seeing people standing outside the studio and actively campaigning. But they feel it is unlikely with the industry being as it is. – shame!




Press Conference – TNG

We just sat in the TNG press conference with Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis and gates McFadden


It was a bit tough at first as no press were asking questions which is the opposite to when fans are present so we thought we’d get the ball rolling by asking he first question. So we asked if they had seen the Enterprise bridge yet. Marina with her brilliant British humour informed us that she used to work on the real Enterprise bridge so no big whoop!

A slightly more serious question about why the TNG crew got along so famously, Marina spoke about how rare it is for Hollywood but it was luck and chemistry and trickled through the cast. But Patrick Stewart was a serious actor, something that took 6 months to break! Then he was the ring leader!

If they could go back to the TNG days, what would they do?

Gates redcorate the bridge!

Marina would like to go back to the episode Disaste. She was miffed as to how little Troi knew and asked “didn’t I go to Starfleet academy?” But Frakes told her she was getting her legs waxed that day. So she’d like to be captain for a day and have Partick Steward give her advice all day which shed promptly ignore.

LeVar would like Geordi to have a successful date

And Dorn would like to have made out with Troi Klingon style!



We’re off!

Good bye England we’re off to DSTG in Frankfurt. We have our bags packed solid with costumes, wigs, comm badges. We can’t even fit in a change of clothes for the way home! 

As usual we’ll be tweeting all the happenings throughout the three day event. We’re also going to sneak in early tomorrow morning and give you a sneak preview of the event! (Because waiting a few hours is unacceptable!).

We’ll be hosting a number of events over the weekend so please add us to your timetable. Here’s what we’re planning (times subject to random changes!)

Friday 21st :
15.45 – 16.15 Stage B 
Welcome to DSTG. 

Drop in and say Hi, get to meet other trekkies. We share some hints and tips to surviving a convention with a few anecdotes of our own. There will also be a question and answer session with one of the convention founders. (When did we become Vorta!?)

17:15 – 17:45
Star Trek Trivia Challenge. We got questions! Pub quiz style, there’s multiple choice, guess the episode, name the character and sudden death rounds for tie breakers!
If you’re new to the Trek world we have a quiz for Trekkies In Training!
We’ll also have prizes…PRIZES!!

Saturday 22nd:
15:00 – 15:30 Stage B
Slight change to the timetabled version on the Destination Star Trek website. We’ll be hosting the COSTUME SHOW! Here’s your chance to show off your cosplaying skills. We’ll be dressed up too but we’d love to hear about your costume, why you picked it, how you made it etc.
And again…prizes!

Sunday 23rd
12:00 – 12:45 Stage B
Women of Star Trek
Here we get a little more philosophical and have an open discussion about the role of women in Star Trek.

See you all shortly! And if you’re not going (we hear Scotty playing bagpipes when we think you), please follow our antics anyway, we’ll try to help you feel as if you were there. 

Twitter Takeover – It’s all about William Shatner!

We’re very excited about tonight’s DSTG Twitter and Facebook takeover.

He was saving the galaxy before we were in diapers! He is the one-and-only and Destination Star Trek Germany headline guest WILLIAM SHATNER!!! 

Gosh we love him and we can’t wait to see him in Frankfurt next week. Until then we’re going to dedicate a whole takeover session to how awesome he is. See you tonight at 8pm GMT/9pm CET.

Guess the Guest

Tonight we hosted the Destination Star Trek Germany Twitter and Facebook takeover and decided to do something a little different. We played a trivia game based on the newly announced full guest line-up.

In case you’re wondering here are the answers. 
We asked you a question and you guess the character. But the answer needed to be one of the DSTG guests from this lineup

First person to answer correctly can have the gift of feeling as smug as a Vulcan winning a game baseball. (that’s a thing!)

Ok, this character’s parents were both Starfleet officers?
– Geordi La Forge / LeVar Burton

Who’s last ever words were “Great news. Wait till they here-”
– Trip Tucker

Who (from the #DSTG lineup) have had another actor play the same character? 

We counted five, depending on how pedantic you wish to get! James Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Borg Queen, Saavik and Lal

This actor has appeared in TNG, DS9, VOY and Ent playing different characters. 

– Vaughn Armstrong

And we loooove constructive criticism so if you think we got anything wrong, please impress us with your Treksual prowess.  

Full Guest Line Up for DSTG

At last the full guest line up for Destination Star Trek Germany has been revealed and this is what it looks like

  • William Shatner
  • Karl Urban
  • Brent Spiner
  • Michael Dorn
  • LeVar Burton
  • Marina Sirtis
  • Gates McFadden
  • Tim Russ
  • Armin Shimerman
  • Rene Auberjonois
  • Alice Krige
  • Connor Trinneer
  • Jeffrey Combs
  • Dominic Keating
  • Suzie Plakson
  • Carolyn Seymour
  • Hallie Todd
  • Gwynyth Walsh
  • Robin Curtis
  • Ira Steven Behr
  • Casey Biggs
  • Vaughn Armstrong
  • Steve Rankin
  • Kitty Swink

Join us tonight 8pm GMT/ 9pm CET on Twitter and Facebook where we will take over the DSTG accounts to discuss this exciting news.

With this lineup we can see that it’s a smaller event than London with its five Captains but smaller doesn’t mean less. The guests included are like cuddly warm Tribbles, you can’t resist them (or give them food). Also, 24 purely Star Trek guests is great deal more than we normally have in Europe.

They are the sort of guest who always take time with the fans and deliver the bests panels. This is what makes a convention enjoyable and one to remember.
If you get a chance to see them deliver a talk the ones we recommend are:

  • All of the TNG – look out for the talk hosted by William Shatner, not to be missed!!
  • Connor Tinneer and Dominic Keating, often talk together and make hilarious comparisons between Enterprise and the other franchises.
  • Tim Russ – Very funny man, nothing like Tuvok!Jeffrey Coombs – Talented, witty with a massive insight to Trek having played every single character ever.
  • Casey Biggs – Sam’s secret crush. DAMAR!!! 
  • Ira Steven Behr – A lot of the questions asked to the actors are often related to story or production of the series. As Executive Producer and writer on DS9 and TNG episodes, some of those fan questions will be well placed with Ira. A unique and insightful discussion is guaranteed but can often be overlooked by attendees. 

We hope you can make it. There are still tickets available. Buy them on the Destination Star Trek Website

Destination Star Trek Germany – Win party tickets!

As part of our takeover of Destination Star Trek Germany each wednesday, we have “obtained” two tickets to the Saturday night party. As they say on Risa, “What’s ours, is yours” which is why we are giving them away like a psychologically unbalanced Ferengi to one lucky DSTG guest. 

To enter all you need to do is RT this Tweet:

There are some rules *groans*. You must already be attending Destination Star Trek Germany in Frankfurt and hold at least a Saturday entry ticket. These can be purchased here.
You must be aged 16 or over. 
The winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday 23rd December.

Good luck everyone! And no using probability devices, all you’ll do is loose at Racketball. 

**Running through universal translator**

Im Rahmen der Übernahme von Destination Star Trek Deutschland der jeden Mittwoch stattfindet, haben wir 2 Tickets für die Party am Samstagabend bekommen. Wie man bei Risa sagt: “Was mir gehört, gehört auch Dir“. Weshalb wir diese Tickets, wie ein psychisch unausgeglichener Ferengi an einen glücklichen DSTG Gast, verschenken werden.
Um gewinnen zu können müsst Ihr einfach den Tweet retteten:

Es gibt einige Regeln * seufz *. Ihr müsst bereits ein Ticket für die Destination Star Trek in Frankfurt und zumindest eine Eintrittskarte für Samstag haben.
Hier könnt Ihr auch die Tickets kaufen.
Ihr müsst mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein um Mitmachen zu können.
Der Gewinner wird nach dem Zufallsprinzip ausgewählt und am Mittwoch den 23. Dezember bekannt gegeben.
Allen Teilnehmern viel Glück!
“And no using probability devices, all you’ll do is loose at Racketball.”

Destination Star Trek Germany – Saturday night party giveaway!

Us at the Klingon Party at DSTL.
Can’t see how Bloodwine is still legal!
On Wednesday 18th December 8pm GMT/9pm CET we will again takeover the Destination Star Trek Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But this time, using the skills of Ferengi taking over the Enterprise Section 31 spies, we have obtained two tickets to the Saturday night party at Destination Star Trek Germany in Frankfurt.  

As it is a time of celebration we want to give these away to one lucky winner! 
Join us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog tomorrow for a live chat and for more information on how you can win this prize. 

This Wednesday we will be talking all things Party and Star Trek so what better prize can we steal giveaway than two tickets to the Saturday night party.

Confession time: We’re ashamed to say we haven’t entered the poll to choose what theme the Saturday night party should be. Because we can’t decide! So we need your help to assimilate the pro’s and con’s of each.

And if you haven’t already, enter the DSTG poll to have your say on the theme for this party.

We hope you can join us!