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Countdown to Darkness Review

In our previous entry we reviewed the exclusive variant cover for Countdown to Darkness – The Enterprise Edition. We wanted to keep the review of the limited edition cover and the content of the comic separate so you can avoid the spoilers if you wish to. 
We must say a big thank you to UK Conventions Limited for providing two copies of the Enterprise Edition for our competition and are pleased to announce that Vincent Ian Peter Kent and Graham Adams are our winners and shall be receiving a copy each.

You can buy your own copy via the Enterprise Edition website.

Admiral, there be Spoilers here:

I must admit, I’m was a bit nervous about reading a prequel comic. I didn’t read the Countdown comics in the run up to the ’09 movie choosing to wait until after. When I did it greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the film, plus helped tie up some loose ends and questions that niggle at an old Trekkie.

Already with this next film I’m starting to form my own story line, looking for clues in the pictures and story arcs that we have seen.

What I like about this comic is that Roberto Orci has taken the helm alongside Mike Johnson in writing the story. There’s something reassuring knowing that the writers have given some horizontal thought to the movies story and kindly shared it with us.

So we start with Spock having a flashback, you know the one, the one where Vulcan gets destroyed and you wake up screaming colourful metaphors at Nero. The only difference between mine and your flashback and Spock’s, we don’t wake up to find Uhura at the end of the bed.

Cue gratuitous sketches of Spock in just his Calvin’s. Rock out with your Spock out!

Turn page – oh, Kirk with his man pecks on show too. Today is a good day to sleep semi-naked in space.
There is some dialogue that accompanies those two scenes but who cares!?

Ok down to business. The Enterprise arrives at a planet called Phaedus (ctrl c/v + memory alpha = nothing)

Kirk: I’m bored, lets go and play with the natives
Spock: No, Prime Directive, illogical, first contact, pre warp, naughty

Then they find something weird emanating from the planet. So I’m thinking Iconian Gateway, or the Caretakers great uncle’s cousin? They just gotta beam down now right?

They can’t beam down because that wouldn’t be as fun so they pack up a shuttle with Kirk, Spock, Sulu and …. and…Ok, it’s a redshirt but I’m pretty sure he has a name! I think it’s Cupcake! You can’t kill Cupcake!

All of a sudden, giant lightsabers bash the shuttlecraft (don’t believe eh? Go get a copy and look, it happens) and Sulu lands the shuttlecraft like a drunken Betazoid.

They are surrounded by cross dressing insectoids who also have great pecks. There will be a flex-off any minute.

Now I’m not sure what my favourite twist is at the end, is it that the aliens have a classic 23rd century Prime Universe Tricorder? (the one Dax gets orgasmic over) or that Robert April, first Captain of the Enterprise is the one who gave it to them!?
– I did actually jump out of my chair when he was revealed.

So I’m glad I have read this ahead of the film. As of yet I can’t quite piece it together with what I know from the movie and that’s a good thing. I am confident this and the other comics will add to my enjoyment and understanding of the movie.

But why is it that even though we have seen Spock in a certain death situation from the trailers, we know he will be ok and are more worried about Cupcakes chances of survival?

Enterprise Edition: Countdown To Darkness Giveaway

This week we have a treat for you Trekkie Girls and Boys. UK Conventions Limited have kindly given us two limited Enterprise Editions of the first Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness comics to giveaway.

“She’s a big ship” “Not half as big as her Captains reputation on Risa”
Limited to 1,701 copies (naturally), UK Conventions have released a special officially licensed  ‘Enterprise Edition’ of the comic that features a unique cover illustrated by Stephen Molnar and a certificate of authenticity.

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Star Trek Magazine – DSTL report

We couldn’t feel more honoured if we we won a bloodwine drinking competition against a Dahar master, but here we are in The Official Star Trek Magazine.

Along side our mates from Trek Mate, this edition provides an indepth account of Destination Star Trek London and part of that included speaking to the ‘official bloggers’ – that’s us!

The article also provides a good look at the ‘behind the scenes’ of the event. This makes facinating reading whether or not you attended.

It was a special privilege to speak to Star Trek Magazine’s editor Christopher Cooper, as we have been reading the magazine since its inception.

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Retro Comic Revew: Planet X

By CaroleWith comic book movie fandom sweeping the nation, mostly due to Tom Hiddleston’s orgasm causing voice and the genius of Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan,  I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the forgotten gem that is the Generation 1 Crossover and its sequel Planet X. Where the Next Generation crew meet members of the X-men, leading to the great moment when Worf and Wolverine share prune juice and my personal favourite momemt when Picard meets Professor X, which surely has the making of a great one man show starring Patrick Stewart. 

They may not have the iconic scene of previous Star Trek/Marvel crossovers in which we get to see Spock using the Vulcan nerve pinch on Wolverine, truely a moment to be savoured, and it maybe a little random (ok very random) but it is something that opens up my mind to some wonderful possibilities…and it got me thinking about how comicbook adaptions are all the rage and the fan talk of a TNG reboot perhaps the two ideas should be combined? Now i know your thinking ‘What The Spock’ but bare with me, if you just consider the potential cast then this has the making of a great movie;


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TNG Taste of Blu Ray – Taste Gooood!

Review by Sam

I snatched this from the postman as he walked up my driveway this morning. It wasn’t my proudest moment, wearing only a dressing gown and having only applied makeup to one eye.

Why is it, you then feel the need to tell the postman, what is it they are delivering to you?

The next thing I did was take the photo above as I felt a great need to share to this with my Trekkie Friends. Its one of the few times when there is a global release date that we Brits get to watch things before the Americans wake up and fill the boards with spoilers. So Na! (be quiet Auzzies!)

Then there was a great dilemma….do I watch Standard Def Encounter at Farpoint first? So I can ‘feel the benefit’ when I watch it in HD?

Nope, couldn’t wait.

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Star Trek Ongoing

Star Trek Ongoing #1
Review by Sam

Carole is a comic reader and I have always felt less of a geek because of it. But its time to change that and I have gone out and bought my first Comic! (by go out – I mean visit the App store and download it!). 
Techie stuff: 

I went for the iPad download as I don’t have a comic book store nearby (for shame) and I prefer magazines etc via digital download, the pictures ‘pop’ and if you spill your raktajino all over it, well you just make yourself another one and carry on reading.
I think there was a lot more they could have done with the media though, I found myself rotating the screen from Landscape to Portrait to make sure I was getting the best picture. It moves smoothly but I have seen with some of the Marvel comics that they can fill the page with one image rather than page and the images slide nicer. There is also a limited capacity for zooming. But over all, better than paper.

The story is pretty much the episode Where no man has gone before. I knew they were ‘re-imagining’ old episodes using the new cast but at the moment there isn’t too much imagination. I’ll be gutted if they don’t bring back Dr. Dehner. Even though they say this isn’t connected to the films it does have Robert Orci as a creative consultant and does have JJ’s backing. Hopefully they will fulfil our Trekkie wish support the Make Me Dehner campaign to get actress and Televixon Mary Czerwinski into the role of Elizabeth Dehner. 
But overall it was a good length, not too long and I am looking forward to the next installment. But my opinion don’t count for much, they can make utter rubbish, label it Star Trek and I’ll still swallow it!

Ohh I just remembered, this isn’t the first comic I read – I also bought Countdown. Now that was good! It helped me come to terms with the whole ‘separate timeline’ issue because we got to see that the 24th century as we know it still exists (albeit it minus Romulus rather than Vulcan!) and life was carrying on as normal. Its like another mirror universe but more fabulous and shiny.
It also helps viewers understand the background to the film, e.g. red matter which was glazed over for risk of perplexing the new viewers (most of which are Star Wars fans so we have to take it easy on them, no big words etc)

So now I’m thinking of seeking out new comics…I may try Green Lantern??