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Star Trek Discovery Panels at Star Trek Las Vegas. Pt1

On the opening day there are four…yes there are FOUR panels dedicated to Star Trek Discovery this Wednesday at Creation Entertainments Star Trek Las Vegas… the first was the highly anticipated Star Trek Writers Room panel with Ted Sullivan, Kirsten Beyer and Akiva Goldsman.

If you don’t follow Ted on twitter already, you must. Not only Ted is a writer and supervising producer on Discovery he is a massive super fan of Star Trek. I was lucky enough to meet him and his companion #JasonGorn and exchanged a brief chat about Star Trek and it’s like talking to any other fan at a convention that you’ve never met before but you share a common love of a show called Star Trek.

Inside the Star Trek Discovery Writers Room

Here are our tweets summarising the panel.

Conclusion: These are people who understand the very essence of Star Trek,they ARE the essence of Star Trek. I came away knowing the franchise is in the best hands possible.

Highlight: Witnessing the transitioning of fans of Star Trek into creatives and caretakers of Star Trek.

Weird Bit: Went to ask a question and my knee started bleeding!

Introducing Star Trek Discovery Cast

Immediately after (I mean immediately, no bathroom breaks here!)  our favourite person Scott Mantz took to the stage to host the second panel feature some of the cast (not seen at San Diego Comic Con) including Mary Cheiffo (L’Rell), Kenneth Mitchell (Kol), Sam Vartholomeos (Ensign Connor) and surprise guest Wilson Cruz (Dr Hugh Culber) who won the hearts and minds of the entire audience.

Firstly I must share how blown away I was to the dedication these actors have to their craft. they have gone all out!

Mary Cheiffo brings depth on both an intellectual and emotional level.  She told us that she was introduced to Star Trek at the new movies and considered herself a fan from then on.

She is VERY invested in her character. To the extent that she wishes to speak Klingon fluently! This has long been a desire of my own so I instantly fangirled when she mentioned it.

Together with Kenneth Mitchell they have been practicing Klingon together and found it easier to remember lines when they worked collaboratively. In case you hadn’t heard, Klingons will speak Klingon with subtitles.

Mary and Kenneth even treated the audience to some lines direct from the show. Their accent and delivery are spot on. They’re the experts on Klingons now, I don’t know many fans (if any) who could compete with them.

They have a Klingon Grammarian working on set, Robyn Stewart, who helps with understanding the language and dialect coaches to assist with pronunciation. This is probably why they speak brilliant Klingon and why my Michael Dorn ‘conversational Klingon’ cassette tape has taught me how to spit up phlegm .

They explained the look of Klingons being different and Kenneth told us that we had only seen images from one house.  A picture was revealed of Kol who looks a bit more like the 24th Century Klingons we’re familiar with. He then dropped the bombshell that he was from the house of KOR!!

Sam Vartholomeos shared how he was convinced when he auditioned that his character would be a relation of Chekov. His impression was spot on! He also confirmed that the bridge of the USS Shenzhou is underneath the saucer section which fans had speculated.

The most heartwarming and tear-jerking part was listening to Wilson Cruz speak. This guy is going to be a BIG HIT at Star Trek Conventions in the future and the franchise will be much richer for his involvement.

Conclusion: In all the series of Star Trek I’ve never witnessed such an invested cast. Many actors on other series haven’t watched their own show let alone watched other incarnations of their franchise.

Highlight: Wilson talking about how proud he is to be part of this historic role in Star Trek

“I’m incredibly proud to be part of this story. This is a big deal, a kid will turn on the TV in September who is questioning their sexuality and they’re going to see two men love each other. And we’re not going to explain it. It will be what is it” – Wilson Cruz

Weird Bit: That realisation that soon these people will be beamed into all our TV’s/Tablets etc and will be as much part of our Star Trek narrative as Captain Kirk, Seven of Nine and Photon Torpedoes.


Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 – you don’t want to miss….

Taking place August 2nd – 6th at the Rio All Suites Hotel Las Vegas. Check out our last article detailing the main highlights of the event.


The main talks most attendees will want to hear are the Wednesdays Star Trek Discovery panels and the TNG 30 anniversary reunion on Friday night (separate tickets needed for general admission). But there is so much more to STLV than panels.  Having seen many of the big name guests I’m thinking about going more ‘lower decks’ this year. Here’s some highlights from the jam packed schedule plus some things that aren’t on the panel.

Tuesday 1st

The action begins before the convention starts with the annual ‘Landing Party’ hosted by Larry Nemecek and Portal 47. Held in the Masquerade Bar from 21.00 it’s a great chance to mingle, catch up with friends as well as participate in trivia and games.
UPDATE: Masquerade Bar is closed. It will be nearby. Keep eye out for announcement.

Weds 2nd

DISCO DAY! Sit in the main hall and soak up everything Star Trek Discovery. Check out the exhibit and get your photo on the USS Discovery’s Captains chair.

Most looking forward to: hearing from Ted Sullivan (writer and supervising producer) and Mary Chieffo. Both have been very good at engaging with fans on twitter and are genuinely passionate about Star Trek on an emotional and intellectual level which I’m certain will transfer well onto the audience.

Chieffo’s L’Rell appears to be one of the most intreguing characters on Discovery. All we know is she is a house leader but some tweets regarding her have made us curious.

This from Executive Producer Aaron Harberts

Two references to ‘life’. Coincidence or hidden meaning? Hoping we’ll find out soon.

Also don’t miss: Q&A with Dr Mae Jemison and Nichelle Nicholls. A real life astronaut and one time guest star with the actress who helped recruit her to NASA. (10am Pavillion)

Remembering Leonard – Special STLV Convention Premiere! Leonard Nimoy, a prolific actor/director, best known for playing Spock, is remembered in this new documentary called, “Remembering Leonard Nimoy” – produced and directed by his daughter Julie and son-in- law, David Knight. “Remembering Leonard Nimoy” is an intimate journey into Leonard Nimoy’s personal life. The documentary also includes never-seen-before videos and photos in this very memorable film. (11.30 Pavillion).

Evening – Chase Masterson will be hosting happy hour at Quarks Bar so so we’ll be there as quickly as you can shout DABO!


Normally we’d recommend hitting the traders area at the very beginning and very end of the convention. This is so you can grab all those items that you know will sell out as soon as the crowds arrive, and the clean up the bargains once everyone has left. But Wednesday is looking jam-packed so shopping may have to wait until Thursday.

Deep Space Nine Confessional – Join the “What We Left Behind: DS9 Documentary” team for interactive fan sessions. Panelists: Ira Steven Behr, Adam Nimoy & David Zappone (14.30 Brasilia 7)

Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating – we’ve seen them so many times but the are always hilarious and mildly intoxicated. (2.45 Pavillion)

Inside Trek – ANOVOS. We want to know when we can buy the ‘Blue Steel’ Star Trek Discovery uniforms… and when we can expect our Star Trek Beyond dresses to arrive which we bought at last years STLV! (Brasilia 7)

Evening – Klingon Karaoke hosted by JG Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly. Free for everyone, it’s one of the the most popular events and usually sees guests joining in. Keep your camera ready and charged! (21.00 Brasilia 4-6).


Women in Star Trek: The Next Generation: A special panel event! In honor of The Next Generation’s 30th anniversary, Gates McFadden will join four women who grew up watching TNG for a conversation about women’s roles in the series. The panel will discuss their early impressions of the characters that inspired them, including Doctor Crusher, Troi, Yar and Guinan; the way we see these characters thirty years later; and the roles women occupied behind the scenes on the show. In addition to Gates McFadden, the panel will feature Jarrah Hodge (Women at Warp: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast), Dr. Kayla
Iacovino ( and Shuttle Pod podcast), Lucia Lorenzi (literary scholar and cultural critic), and Aliza Pearl (The Listener: Spectral Awakening). (10.45 Pavillion)

Experience Star Trek The Cruise – no other reason to attend this other to torture myself that I’m not going! Also to look for clues how to stowaway! (11.00 Brasilia 4 – 6).

Starfleet Academy Spelling Bee – hosted by the Official Engage Star Trek Podcast host Jordan Hoffman this fun trivia quiz will determine if you know your Trek spelling or if you’re more like Picard spelling ‘knife with an N’. (16.45 Brasilia 7)

Evening: TNG 30th Anniversary Celebration including ALL cast hosted by Terry Farrell (18.00 Pavillion)

Followed by GAAAYS IN SPAAACE – a celebration of the inclusion of an openly gay character in Star Trek! Held at FLAIR nightclub, doors open at 7 and include a number of Trek guests.

Also just heard about the FanSets launch party at Caesars. Agghh choices!


Michael Westmore presentation makeup demonstration. I’d love to see this. If I’m honest with myself, I’ll still be in bed. (09.30 Pavillion)

Inside the Writers’ Room panel with Andre Bormanis, Brannon Braga & Ron D. Moore – most questions asked to actors often would be better directed at the writer. Andre and Brandon are also writing on The Orville making this extra insightful. They will also be signing on a complimentary basis immediately following their talk. (15.30 Pavillion).

Inner Light Panel with Sir Patrick Stewart, Margot Rose & Morgan Gendel – Take a very special look at the classic episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is going to be a great, one-time only panel! Tissues on standby! (16.30 Pavillion).

Evening – if you’ve never done the evening Gala, then go. Otherwise see you in the bar. Quick note on about the bars. The main one everyone talks about is The Masquerade Bar. It’s where most people hang and it’s worth stopping through and saying hi. Whilst it’s undoubtedly friendly, I personally am not too keen on it. Mostly because patrons are permitted to smoke. This sends me into a McCoy style rant about how primitive humans are. It also makes me sick to my stomach. I prefer the iBar which has seats, no smoking and better drinks. I say better, the drinks in the Rio are not great!


What We Left Behind Panel & Exclusive Sneak Preview – Included in this panel will be Ira Steven Behr (DS9 showrunner and creative genius), documentary producer David Zappone who has done so many great Star Trek documentaries to date, editors/producers Joseph Kornbrodt and Luke Snailham, producer and Indiegogo campaign manager Kai de Mello and director Adam Nimoy. (12.15 Pavillion)

Gary Berman and Scott Mantz – Creation’s Co-CEO, Gary Berman interviews Access Hollywood’s Movie Critic Scott Mantz, former Creation employee, on his thoughts on all things Star Trek and especially special footage involving the stars of JJ Abrams’ movies, including things never seen before. Going to this because I enjoy behind the scenes stuff and these guys know plenty! (13.30 Brasilia 7)

Rapid Fire Trek – Larry Nemecek fire out questions and prizes at warp speed in this quiz! (16.16 Brasilia 4-6)


The rat pack is great entertainment and free to everyone. There songs pay tribute and parody the convention.


Organised by the Unofficial Star Trek Las Vegas Facebook group, the pool party sounds a great way to unwind. We’ve never made it before because Vegas and Star Trek have taken all our money and we’re usually on the first plane back to London sobbing!

Enjoy the convention. If you can’t go I’ll be reporting live throughout!

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit SDCC

As we previously reported Star Trek Discovery went all out in promoting it’s new series which is set to debut this September on CBS All Access and Netflix.

I spent the weekend moonlighting for TrekCore but unfortunately due to a throttled internet connection I was only able to squeeze out the occasional tweet and photo.

Something I was hoping to share live was the Star Trek Discovery Exhibit which was held in the Michael J Wolf Gallery. This featured an array of costumes, props and art.

What stood out was the detail that went into each prop. Every stitch on the costumes has been well thoughout and each item is true to its genre whether that be Federation, Klingon or Vulcan.

The exhibit was also handing out free posters which somehow I have to keep safe for 7 weeks until I’m back in the UK and then another year when I have a home to hang it in!

Star Trek Discovery Heading to Star Trek Las Vegas

… And so does a Trekkie Girl!

Next week the annual official Star Trek Convention beams back the Rio with Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas!

Taking place 2nd – 6th August at the Rio All Suites Las Vegas the convention features over 100 stars from both in front and behind the scenes from each incarnation of Star Trek…yes, even the new movies (Mmm Karl Urban!).

If headliners such as William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Patrick Stewart (THE PICARD!) and Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) weren’t enough to entice us trekkies to travel all over the world to attend, then the latest news that Star Trek Discovery are sending an envoy to promote the new series, will have us flying to Vegas at Warp Speed.

Star Trek Discovery at STLV

The first day of the convention (Wednesday 2nd August) will have a heavy emphasis on Star Trek Discovery. This includes the exhibit of props/costumes and art. Having seen some of the props at SDCC last weekend, I can assure you it’s not to be missed!

You will also have the opportunity to sit in the USS Discovery’s Captain’s chair for a free photo. It’s about time you updated your Facebook profile pic anyway.

Starting at 14:30 in the main theatre you have FOUR HOURS OF DISCOVERY TALKS!!

14:30 – 15:30
Inside the Star Trek: Discovery’s Writers Room – Kirsten Beyer and Ted Sullivan take fans inside the Star Trek: Discovery writer’s room and the development of the upcoming TV series.

15:30 – 16:30
Introducing Star Trek: Discovery – Straight from the set, Star Trek Las Vegas welcomes Mary Chieffo, Kenneth Mitchell and Sam Vartholomeos of the Star Trek: Discovery cast.

16:30 – 17:30
Designing the Creatures of Star Trek: Discovery – Meet the designers, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page, that are bringing the Star Trek: Discovery creatures to life.

17:30 – 18:30
Star Trek: Discovery Comics & Novels Revealed – Join Kirsten Beyer, Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, David Mack and Ed Schlesinger as offer a first look at the new Star Trek: Discovery novels and comics coming this fall.

Disco Disco Disco!
Pro Tip: Look out for Jason Gorn (Ted Sullivan’s pet Gorn). He is the power house behind Discovery and will be wandering around the floor throughout the convention.

The Next Generation’s 30th Anniversary

Celebrate the Official 30th Anniversary Reunion of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Moderated by Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax).

Seeing ALL of the TNG cast on stage together is a rare and wonderful event. Their sense of humour, relationship and ability to engage with the audience is a must for all Trekkies to experience.

Starring together on stage: Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Denise Crosby and John de Lancie! (Yep you read that right, Jonathan Frakes too!)

Honouring Leonard Nimoy

Three separate presentations honoring legendary Leonard Nimoy, the prolific actor/director, best known for playing Spock in the Star Trek franchise include: a special celebration of the life and legacy of Leonard Nimoy (by son, Adam); a documentary, “Remembering Leonard Nimoy”, an intimate journey into Nimoy’s personal life, produced and directed by his daughter Julie and son-in-law David Knight which will be premiered at the convention, and a special video presentation of Leonard Nimoy’s final convention appearance at Creation’s 2011 Chicago convention.


We’ll be writing more about the parties in the coming days when we talk about highlights but one to draw attention to is the Star Trek Saturday Evening Gala Celebration. This special night will be lead by Emmy and Grammy nominated composer, Ron Jones (who has composed music for television shows including Star Trek: The Next Generation, American Dad! and Family Guy) with his Influence Jazz Orchestra.  Special guest performers will include Jimmy Darren, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Camille Saviola, Max Grodenchik, Chase Masterson, JG Hertzler, and Robert O’Reilly.  The concert will take place Saturday, August 5 at 9:30 p.m. (a separate ticket required for general admission).

More Information


Schedule (PDF Link)

Tickets – Available on the door starting from $65. PRO TIP: Buy them half price on Groupon


First time attending? Check out the Shore Leave podcast’s STLV 101 Podcast for tips and tricks.

Also see our posts from regarding previous Star Trek Las Vegas

This year Sam will be reporting solo. If you see me wandering around Quarks or the newly constructed 10 Forward lounge. Please say Qapla’ !

San Diego Comic Con – Star Trek Discovery Panel.

A couple of casual conversations and friends being excellent has meant that Sam attended San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Moonlighting as a roving reporter for TrekCore I was able to attend the Star Trek Discovery Press Panel and speak to some of the cast and crew.

Star Trek Discovery Panel SDCC

I flew into SDCC at warp speed Saturday morning. Unfortunately  I didn’t make it into the hall for the Discovery Panel hosted by Rainn Wilson who will play Harry Mudd. Those who made it in had been queuing since 6.30 am!

Soon after the panel in which they dropped this stunning trailer.

San Diego Comic Con went all phasers firing in promoting Star Trek Discovery (and rightly so!) with an exhibition showcasing props, costumes and set pieces for us to gawd over and admire/nitpick – depending which side of the neutral zone you sit on.

Star Trek Discovery Press Panel

Panelists in the press event included Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham), Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), Doug Jones (Saru), Shazad Latiff (Lt Tyler), Mary Wiseman (Cadet Tilly), Anthony Rapp (Lt Stamets) James Frain (Sarek), Rainn Wilson (Harry Mudd) along with executive producers Gretch Berg, Heather Kadin, Alex Kurtzman, Aaron Harberts and Akiva Goldman from the creative department.

Doug Jones who plays Lt Saru also said he had sat in the chair as he is third in command of the USS Shenzhou.

The best moment was when a reporter recalled what an inspiration Nichelle Nicholls had been in the 60’s for representing black women. And although we never saw her take command (TAS excluded) it is bitter sweet to see Sonequa take that journey.

Sonequa got genuinely emotional describing her gratitude and appreciation on the role ahead of her. She has a true grasp of the nature and essence of Star Trek. In fact, I believe the entire cast and crew do.

One of the big shockers to be revealed was that Michael Burnham is Spock’s adoptive sister. (This tweet reports step-sister but it is in fact adoptive sister, same logic to canon applies though!)

There goes our theory that Burnham is Spock and Uhura’s child!


I was able to have the opportunity to speak to a few of the cast and crew. Unfortunately as this was a very last minute arrangement I didn’t have my recording equipment so it’s somewhat crude! Which seems to be our style now!

These interviews were in collaboration with Trekcore

SCOOP: Shazad Latif on DISCOVERY’s P.O.W. Survivor, Lt. Ash Tyler


James Frain on Inheriting the Role of ‘Sarek’ for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

Mary Wiseman on DISCOVERY’s Young Cadet, Sylvia Tilly

More to follow including more interviews and day 2 visit to the Star Trek Discovery exhibition and dealer stands.

SDCC is the start of the Con season coverage from Trekkie Girls with Carole and Sarah reporting from London Film and Comic Con next Saturday 28th and Sam at Star Trek Las Vegas 2nd – 5th August.

Michael Burnham and the Vulcan Connection. Spock/Uhura’s Daughter?

There’s a lot of speculation of a Vulcan connection surrounding Star Trek Discovery’s lead character Michael Burnham. In the trailer, it appears as if a young Burnham is raised on Vulcan. But it goes beyond those ‘on point’ eyebrows and pixie haircut.
Michael Burnham - Vulcan Connection
In the trailer Burnham seems to talk with a Vulcan inflection at times. But she also shows emotion backing up speculation that she could be human, raised by Vulcans.
But as I lay awake last night considering all the possibilities, a theory of my own popped into my head. To use our new favourite meme:
rain robinson you can't stop a girl speculating
Yes I know we’ve only seen a few minutes of footage but it’s fun to guess. This is pretty far out…..
What if Michael Burnham is Spock and Uhura’s child from the future??…. Stay with me!….

Star Trek writers love having characters with internal conflict/mixed heritage such as Spock, B’Elanna Torres, Troi etc. So I suspect they might do the same with Burnham.
Then I was thinking about Uhura from the movies, how well written and utilised her character was but there is scope for more.
When Burnham recommends firing at the Klingons, she was feisty but in control and it reminded me of Uhura. Discovery has taken lots of inspiration from the Kelvin Timeline. It would be conceivable that they may wish to recapture some of those Uhura traits in another character.
That got me thinking. What if she was the future child of Spock and Uhura?
Spock and Uhura
I couldn’t post a picture of Spock and Uhura kissing. I just couldn’t.
Now we have a ‘sort of’ confirmation that Discovery is set in the Prime Universe. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this series had some connection to the Kelvin Universe. Some of the best episodes of Star Trek centre around a connection to another series/timeline. Think of  episodes like DS9 Trials and Tribulations, VOY Flashback, ENT Regeneration and TNG Relics.
Here’s how I would pitch it.
Discovery runs for a couple of seasons doing it’s thing, establishing itself.
Burnham has no idea who her parents are, she’ll come across as an orphan child with a Worf complex. Sarek is her father figure and mentor.

Then the forth Kelvin movie drops. It’s about Spock trying to finish Ambassador Spock’s work. That includes finding a way to save Romulus.

Lets have a quick look at the timeline:

2233 – Narada/Nero incident
2255 – Start of Star Trek Discovery
2258 – Star Trek 2009 movie
2265 – Start of TOS (Where no man has gone before)

So Spock (Kelvin) is trying to save Romulus (Prime) using time travel, slingshots or funky transporter tricks. He is trying to get to the 24th Century but in a moment of certain peril, he and Uhura (who is pregnant) find themselves thrownback to 2233 (goddammit Captain Braxton).
They realise that they have an opportunity to save Vulcan instead.
In a heartbreaking scene reminiscent of James Kirk’s birth scene in Star Trek ’09, Spock and Uhura sacrifice themselves to save the world leaving their child with Sarek and Amanda Grayson.

Their daughter would be mostly human but I suspect with the state of Vulcans in the Kelvin universe it would be important for Spock to have his child raised as a Vulcan. So he sends her back to be raised by his own family….remember in the Kelvin universe Spock gets on with his daddy so thats ok!

All of this would unravel later in the series in conjunction with the movie.

Either way, speculating makes me feel excited about the series. It also helps me allay any fears I have about this being a TOS Prequel.
I’ll admit I wanted a 24th/25th Century prime timeline series but there’s still a lot to play with in this time frame and as Picard says “things are only impossible until they are not.”

  What do you think?


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Star Trek Discovery Trailer Reaction


Star Trek Discovery’s 1st Trailer has finally arrived and here is Trekkie Girl Sam’s  reaction!

Trailer Reaction

What an evening! I had been watching the Twitter feeds all night. Upon hearing that Les Moonves (CBS CEO) explain that some “short clips” would air, I presumed there would be a planned release from Star Trek/CBS whereby all social media channels would drop the clip at the time of the Upfronts to avoid crappy leaks. Unfortunately crappy leaks happened. I shouldn’t have looked, but I’m only human!
But in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the actual trailer.

Here’s my reaction, it’s extra authentic as I failed to hit pause on the record!:

BTW that was a highly emotional response for a Brit!
Everything about this is impeccably Star Trek. It truly feels like Star Trek is back, but new. I hate, hate, hate to use this term but ‘as a woman’ it feels even more like my Star Trek.
Even though Star Trek has had some incredible female leads in the past, the casting and gender seems less forced. Not sure why I feel that way after one small trailer. Maybe it’s because the genders of the officers isn’t a selling point of the show this time?

I’m intrigued by Lt Saru’s character, I believe he’ll be Star Trek’s new darling. He has that Spock/Data/Doctor vibe about him.

The Klingons…. I don’t actually have much to say about the Klingons at this point. Yes they look different, but Klingons look different every decade. It’s an interesting time between the Federation and Klingon Empire and with so many Klingon characters cast in discovery, I’m happy they are regaining centre stage again.
I always struggle when people complain about the superficial elements of Star Trek, most fans of the show are so because of the superior storytelling. In which case the appearance of the show is either irrelevant or serve as an improvement to the franchise.

Witnessing how dedicated the actors are to their characters and to the franchise, certainly helps:

Initial Teaser image

This morning during the CBS Upfronts (a network presentation to showcase their upcoming shows) they treated us to this picture, and this was our initial reaction:

Star Trek Discovery 1st image

This planet and it’s costumes conjure a feeling of familiarity and our thoughts immediately went to Nimbus III – The Planet of Galactic Peace from Star Trek The Final Frontier.

There’s also something very Vulcan about it (like it has the Vulcan Instagram filter on!). Reminds us of Enterprise: The Forge.

However has reported that the scene from the new image was filmed in Jordan. We all know Vulcan can only be filled at Gorn Rocks!

Or Sisko digging in the sand avoiding his emotions whilst morning the death of Jadzia searching for the prophets?

It could even be something completely unique?

Update: There has since been  new images released on

Other News

Number of episodes per season has increased to 15 per season – yay!
CBS also announced that an after show would accompany Star Trek Discovery named ‘Talking Trek’. Twitter is ablaze with host suggestions from your favourite Star Trek bloggers 😉

For frame by frame stills, check out and praise the good folks of Trekcore for their efforts!

Netflix special trailer:


Update on Release Date?

Still saying ‘fall’ (autumn). But like I say in the video, they’re doing a great job. Take all the time you need!

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Why Star Trek and it’s Fans will be different in 2017. And how we will adapt.

There’s an internet meme doing the circuits that beautifully demonstrates the impact that 2016 has had on the many of us. 2016 has been one for the history books in both regards to current affairs and Star Trek.


Let us focus on Trek. The TL;DR is a mixed bag, mostly epic. The year began with the best announcement ever. A new Star Trek series announced, Star Trek Beyond was released, the tragic passing of Anton Yelchin and a global celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

For us, our love of Star Trek has taken us to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Birmingham, met more friends, old and new and sparked that feeling of ‘newness’ regarding Star Trek that is reminiscent of the 1990’s.

But Star Trek is all about looking forward.

Here’s what we think will make Star Trek and it’s fandom feel different from it’s previous incarnations;

Social Media

Star Trek Enterprise ended before Facebook and Twitter went mainstream. Sci-fi fans are all about live streaming, interacting with fans and filling the void between episodes. In recent years the SM team at Star Trek have upp’ed their game, nonetheless we look forward to banter and memes galore!

The crew and cast have an important role to play in this too. For other incarnations we have relied on books and post-production interviews to learn about the goings-on, the gossip and internal insights. Eager fans hang on to every tweet Rick Burman posts to get a further glimpse of what life was like on the set of TNG.

We’ll have this live. Already a twitter storm has blown up with the changes effecting Bryan Fuller’s stewardship. Whilst well managed internally, it’s the friends-in-the-know, associated to the inner circle who often provide the really juicy stuff. A bit like how William Shatner always announces himself as headlining a convention before the official announcement. He doesn’t have to tow the corporate line so much!


Star Trek has a good grip on its merchandising and licensing but looking back over the past few years an area they have locked their targets on is Conventions/Events. This was once the realm of the fans and it was geek privilege to organise them. I can’t find the source but some time ago I read a news article that young actors today are hoping to get a genre role just to get in on the convention circuit. Many actors can make more money in one weekend than they can filming for a week. And large scale convention organisers don’t have it bad either.


Rightly so Star Trek have been charging organisers a license fee to host these events to protect the brand (and the latinum!) It has made sense to contract out the organisation of events to companies with the expertise to do so, but given how immensely popular comic con style events are becoming, we wonder whether networks will begin to look to run these ‘in house’ and cut out the middle man? They already have the PR machine, the studios and most importantly, access to the talent.

Fans finding their niche

There are record high numbers of Star Trek fan blogs and podcasts and this is surely set to boom once Discovery hits our screens. Not everyone is going to listen to 30 different episode reviews each week.

It won’t be long until each outlet finds it’s speciality, whether it be twitter presence, interviews, book reviews, insights, rumour etc.

Which bring us on to the Trekkie Girls!…!!

We have an interesting year ahead and there will be some changes. I (Sam) and my family have decided to go travelling for a year! My husband had enough of corporate life so quit his job and we are taking our 2 year old Jean-Luc on an epic away mission! (We aren’t like 7 of 9’s parents – honest!)

I’ll still be blogging from wherever we are and I’ll be video linking with Carole and Sarah for our vBlogs.

I’ve even got some ‘must go’ locations for Trekkies on my list! So we believe it’s an improved service from us from a more international arena!

Happy New Year!

tlhIngan maH!

Star Trek Discovery’s latest casting – three Klingons – gives us the impression that there is a helluva story arc in development.DSC_Klingon.jpg

We welcome all the new additions to our Trekkie collective! The new cast must all be looking at there twitter notifications and it looks like this….


In addition to Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp and Michelle Yeoh who were announced recently, yesterday Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo were also added to the lineup. For character info and bio’s see the article.

The bit that intrigues us is the Klingon wording on the image.

We took straight to deciphering it but it’s been more tricky than anticipated. Some bits are straight forward however the font looks new so there’s an element of interpretation.

Over the five hours we spent picking it apart (and searching the house/garage/loft for the Klingon dictionary) we have changed our minds on it a bit.


The first word is giving us the most difficulty. Is the first letter in the first word ‘r’ or ‘gh’ ? At first we thought it was ‘r’

This makes the word either ghetwI’ meaning pretender although this could mean ‘role play’ – not necessarily meaning deception.
Or it could be retwI’ which from a bing translate shows as ‘time period ago’. But we can’t find anything more official to back that up. What do you think?


Thank you to @boleon74 for sending us this alphabet in different fonts for reference!

The second word appears to be luwIvlu’ta’

This is where I confess that I have attempted to learn Klingon many times!! (unsuccessfully, obviously). But words this long with apostrophes need to be broken down. I learnt that from trying to translate a Klingon drinking song!

lu is a pre-verb (is that the right term!?) so refers to who is doing the action, he/she/they

wIvlu’ is the verb in the middle of the word, this means to choose.

ta’ means done

Therefore I believe luwIvlu’ta’ can be translated as ‘they have chosen’ 

The next word qul is easier to translate as there are less symbols and it a well used word in the Klingon language ‘fire‘.

The last word we thought we had translated as ‘play’ but when we looked at other letters we think we got h and y mixed up. We think this says yIchu’ which can translate as engage. That’s a much more fitting word for the Trek universe!

Now it may be that this phrase was translated a day ago and is well reported already but we have been purposely ignoring because  we’re having lots of fun trying to work it out for ourselves!

That said, we work better as a collective so we’d love to hear your feedback. Are our translators working correctly? What do you think they are trying to tell us?

Our hunch is that it’s something like ‘some time ago, they chose to fire. Engage’ or ‘they chose to engage in fire’ or maybe even ‘the pretender chose to engage in fire.’? Depending on how we feel about that first letter?

It isn’t exactly leading us on a wild chase to Qo’noS and back but it could be a tag line to the show or a hint about the Klingons involvement. Either way, we want to know!!

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Star Trek Discovery – Timeline revealed, Who we hope to see…

At the Television Critics Press Association Press tour (we don’t know what that is either!) Bryan Fuller spilled some goodies about the new Star Trek series Discovery.

If you haven’t read all about it, check out this article from Variety who were reporting live from the event. Then come back whilst I speculate with my thoughts!
Here’s a cheat sheet of the news thanks to Screen Junkies.discofacts

Just as a caveat to the above, I can’t find any direct source that states the series will be set in the Klingon Wars. It’s probably a good guess as a lot of events have been ruled out such as the Romulan war (Battle of Axanar) and The Kobayashi Maru.  Bryan Fuller did mention Amanda Grayson too but it didn’t read as definite that her character is included.

Whilst in Vegas, Carole and I spent a lot of time speculating with others when we thought Discovery would be based. I believed it would be based in the 29th Century, that it was a timeship and each season it would cover a different point in Star Trek history, filling in all those loose ends or raising new questions…. by the way, if you like that idea CBS… call me! I have more ideas!

Now we have a timeline we can start speculating!

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