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Trek Fashion Beams Down to London

Many people blog about how Star Trek has influenced the development of technology or how it inspired someone to become an astronaut. 
But not many people observe how Star Trek influences fashion. This is why Trekkie Girl Sam and Trekkie-With-Advanced-Training Teressa (See episode 13) headed to London Fashion Week to check it out. Fashion analysts and bloggers love to comment on themes and inspirations, so we have too: We started off with some TNG Retro inspiration in the Jasper Conran show. Although it could pass off as TOS, its clearly a tribute to the blonde and buff bodies of Rubicun III. Got to love those Edo!

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Trek Space – Faced

What a great honour, Sam is chuffed today because her TrekSpace profile picture has been featured on its badge! Yes that tiny picture is of Sam.
Fame at last!
Trek Space is a social networking site for Star Trek fans. It’s great because it’s only about Star Trek so unlike Facebook, you don’t have to talk to your real life friends and family.
Come and be friends with Sam of Trek Space. And use the comment box below to nag Carole into joining!  

Looking for par’Mach?

There’s been plenty of romance and bromance on Trek over the years so us Trekkie Girls have been looking for par’Mach in all the right places….

After discussing which members of the cast we’d most like to Pon Farr with, (Sam: Data, call me!) we decided to shake it up and think about which characters would be a good match across the series. Which characters do you think would make a great couple?

Uhura and Julian Bashir


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Happy New Year!


Carole and Sam at our New Years Eve party
We love New Years Eve and celebrated 4 time zones! At 10pm we celebrated the Estonian New Year with our lovely Estonian friend Kaidi.
Then we thought we had better celebrate Central European Time for our European neighbours. Then it was good old GMT time, centre of the universe! 
We went to bed just after New York hit midnight. 
We have had a great year and starting Trekkie Girls has definitely been a highlight for us (we had been talking about it for 15 years!) 
We did have lots of trek shenanigans on NYE though, and whilst we were in our civvies that didn’t stop our friends suiting up:
I read on a forum once that Rod Roddenberry would shake the hand of any man wearing the TNG skant. Well I must say that I think our friend Steve pulled it off very nicely! Can’t say the same of our mate Andy though but hey, he might make an ok cabin boy for Kirk?


We also spent new years discussing how you could possibly celebrate NYE in space?

No wonder they need to stock the bar with synthohol, every other day must be someones new year.
Imagine sitting in Ten Forward when someone announces its Bajoran New Year, everyone knocks back the spring wine, when an hour later some smart-arse yells out “Now its Bajoran New Year  in Dahkur Provence”…more spring wine.
Then a lonely Bajoran ensign sighs, “we don’t have new years on Derna, the forth moon. its always dark”  
Screw it, open the Kanar.
As much as we love New Years, and as much as it would be irritating celebrate on a starship we can see how enjoyable it must be to celebrate all the different celebrations and traditions that exist out there. (We’ll pass on a lot of the Bajoran ones though!)
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

What to buy a Trekkie for Christmas?

With the run up to Christmas, we like many others have avoided the shops like the Telurian Plague and taken to shopping online. But what do you buy the Trekkie in your life?
Here are some of our top finds:

Compare the Meerkat fans?
I’ll admit to buying my car insurance through Compare The Market just to get one of their cute Meerkat cuddly toys. For your Meerkat crazed star trek fan you have to check out these adorable little fellas.
These are knitted to order and I personally love Worf and Locutus.
For your slightly slutty friend
Theres always one female friend who can’t help but whack them out at new years parties and weddings so why not help them keep whatever dignity they have left by getting them some handmade Star Trek Pasties. 
Next time they have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ they thank you!
For your Teeny Pop cousin
This made me laugh so much I had to share it. If Britney and Paris were vulcan, this would be their catchprase (can you imagine it!?)
The shop owner also has other geeky slogans such as “I love you more than Commander Riker” – I’m not sure how that is supposed to be taken?
For your Number One lady
Us Trekkie Ladies have been waiting a long time for some decent Trek Jewellery to hit the market. I love the sparkle in this and the whole collection is great. Its all very reasonably priced too so make sure you get her something nice to go with it or you’ll be in trouble when she sees how cheap you are! (hey, it’s another century until greed and material desires are no more).
For your greedy uncle
You can’t go wrong buying presents on Think Geek, but this is truly awesome! Make sure you get the Enterprise Bottle opener to match!
For all your friends babies:
For a split second…a tiny second, I almost considered having children myself just to have this bib (for an android, thats almost an eternity!) But as my friends are all currently producing children as if there were a population crisis, I’m a little bit chuffed that I have an excuse to buy this!
Now go forth and shop like you’re on Ferenginar!

Confessions of a temporally displaced women

Have you ever watched one of those Jerry Springer episodes with the Man who felt he should have been born a Women?…I know exactly how they feel. Except I have no confusion over my gender….but with Time. I DO NOT belong in this time line – its always felt wrong to me!

Most people put it down to watching too much Star Trek – they are right. Some say I am ‘from another planet’ ….thats not it though. And I’ve given it a lot of thought. As I look at all the aliens in ST, I’m not a Raktijino drinking warrior like a Klingon, I’m too much of a lefty to be a Ferengi and I don’t have the bone structure for a Cardassian, but those self-righteous know-it-all humans…yeah thats who I am.

I first had these inclinations as a young child. I recently came across an old school book which went into some detail about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’. Obviously I was going to enlist in Starfleet but I was unsure which area to specialize in. I was naturally drawn to command….as Kirk says you don’t give up being Captain of the Enterprise. But ships counselor looked pretty appealing too less hours, better office and you’re still a bridge officer!
– The note from my teacher suggests “have you thought about becoming a vet?” (what the Spock!?)

Whilst technology is having a growth spurt (thanks to Henry Starling and Capt Brannigan) I worry that Humans aren’t keeping up in terms of their personal development – both individually and as a collective species. I am shocked that some people harbour attitudes which would have been considered hateful by Victorian standards.

There are lots of sets backs to living in the wrong time line…..planes….injections….microsoft…..More on that later though……


Talking about Larry’s Pendulum

I’m glad he raised this….ohhh my!

 In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, you really should be reading everything Larry Nemecek has to say about anything by way of Star Trek decree: TrekLand Supplemental
This is our take on Larry’ question “Is TNG due for a Comeback?” 

Now as we have mentioned we were TNG fans first, born into that time line so grew up watching it. We can now appreciate TOS and love the “Retro” look of the show but we confess to being those viewers who as kids would have scoffed at the MDF sets and Christmas lighting effects. 

When talking to our TiT (Trekkie In Training) Sarah, we asked her how she was getting on with watching TNG and she said “yeah I’m enjoying it but it all seems so dated and 80’s” – I must admit I was a bit taken, I imagine this is how my dad must have felt when I first scoffed at the sets of the USS Enterprise no bloody A, B, C or D. However much like when Dax reminisced about the the look and feel of classic 23rd century style I find myself smiling fondly on those early season of TNG with it’s lycra covered crew and wallpapered corridors. In fact we have recorded a Trekkie Girls episode about the very subject of TNG fashions which we must upload. 
Here in the UK we have seen the TV Channel CBS Action pour some money into advertising the reruns of TNG and even though I didn’t see any of the actual billboards, I was comforted to know they were out there.

But Larry has got it right, TNG is gonna have it’s comeback moment and its fast approaching, in-fact I happened to be shopping with my dad today to and I noticed some shoulder pads and realised that was the final peice for my TNG skant dress I’m making for an event this weekend. The 23rd century look is so last year, this season its all about the 60’s – that’s the 2360’s!

Btw, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton and Jim Parson all in one Big Bang Episode! Excuse us whilst we have a nerd-gasm!