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SF Ball 21

On Saturday we packed up ready for the SF Ball in it’s new home at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton. Carole had to work so I took Sarah, our Trekkie In Training, along.

Because of new baby, we couldn’t stay along as we wanted (like, all weekend!) so this review isn’t as thorough as we’d like however we wanted to make an effort and see what we could of the Ball after hearing so much praise.

We have been to all sorts of conventions, some are massive signing events, some are like a small gathering of friends, others are like drunken nights at Quarks. From what we saw of the SF Ball, it is a mixture of everything.

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DSTG Day 2 panels

Mornings are not our friend but fortunately we have a timezone shift on our side. So we just made the first talk of the day with Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton, followed by Gates McFadden and Michael then Brent Spiner. This gave us an envious insight into what life must have been like back on the TNG sets. We say envious because we would have loved to have been part or that comraderie. But it’s a privilege to have them share their stories with us fans.

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Round up DSTG Day One

We arrived a few hours before the convention opened via a sneaky site to site beam in. As we walked in the opening vista is the beautiful Enterprise D bridge. We were a bit nervous when we heard the organisers had commisioned their own bridge to be made, could such a venture be trusted in a commercial venture? (typical lefties) but we were stood relieved on the bridge which is a sympathetic tribute. Most importantly, you feel like a boss sat in that chair!

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DSTG. Museum and regeneration chamber

Up to our usual shinnanigans we explore the Borg Regeneration chambers and the museum. Sadly the video doesn’t showcase how well made these are. They were commisioned especially for this event, there’s two and they look like something out of Voyagers cargo bay… Or Jeri Ryan’s games room apparently!

Guess Who Is Going to Germany?

Yesterday we were put out of our misery as the next Star Trek Destination was finally revealed. Carole and Sam met up to discuss their thoughts and hopes for Destination Star Trek Germany and as usual, looking for clues…..

At a glance:
Location: Frankfurt Messe, much bigger than London ExCel. Two airports serving.
Ticket Prices: Comparable to DSTL at today’s exchange rate.
The difference is with the premium ticketing options with Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP fairing slightly cheaper than DSTL. Whilst offering roughly the same. The only significant difference is at DSTL a Captains Talk was included. So we presume the price difference is due to this.
From comparing, we’d either go Silver or Latinum (and that ain’t no typo!). Also note that priority queuing is available only for Latinum and VIP. This is bad news if you normally would go Gold, but good news if you go Standard. Now you have less people able to jump in front of you.
For full ticket prices and booking details check out DSTG’s online ticket info
The format of the event looks fairly similar to DSTL with the following events:
Opening Ceremony
Costumed World Record Attempt
…All we need now is a wedding! (Maybe a Betazoid ceremony!?)
Other things:
This is being organised by the same team who hosted the London Event, a joint venture between Media 10 and Showmasters. It also appears to have CBS backing again with promoting the event.
Keep an eye on the Showmaster forum for this event, it is helpful for getting travel ideas, asking questions about ticket options and for feedback.

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Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere Roundup

The sky was blue, the carpet was white and London was the centre of the Universe. We have been avoiding the internet, keen not to give too much away about the film. But here is a roundup of our experience.

Wednesday 1st May:
Our first task for the away mission in a trip to Sky News HQ where we talk about our expectation about the film. Bit cringeworthy now we have seen the film. But other than the preview, we knew nothing about what to expect. You can find the interview on the Sky News App, downloadable from iTunes

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