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Updated: 14/5/17 

We have compiled the Star Trek Discovery cast announcements into one place. Use the filters to see who is assigned to the USS Discovery, Shenzhou, a ‘Federation Character’ or a Klingon.
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Other Federation Character
USS Discovery
  • First Officer Michael Burnham
    Actor: Sonequa Martin-Green. Served under Captain Georgiou for seven years. Has a some-what Vulcan mannerism. Follow Sonequa on:
  • michelle Yeoh Captain Georgiou
    Captain Philippa Georgiou
    Actor: Michelle Yeah. Captain of the Starship Shenzhou. Follow Michelle on:
  • Captain Gabriel Lorca
    Played by Jason Isaac, Lorca is the Captain of the USS Discovery, the first series to not feature the Captain as the main lead. Considered 'steely and a brilliant military tactician' Follow Jason:
  • Sarek
    Actor: James Frain. The first character cast to have a connection to Star Trek cannon (from both Prime and Kelvin timelines!). Follow James:
  • Commander Landry
    Actor: Rekha Sharma. A security officer on the USS Discovery and our favourite casting! Follow Rekha:
  • Lt. Stamets
    Actor: Anthony Rapp. Stamets is an astromycologist (study of alien fungus!) onboard the USS Discovery. Rapp is VERY enthusiastic about his Star Trek history lessons. Follow Anthony:
  • Lt Saru
    Actor: Doug Jones. Plays a science officer on the USS Discovery. A new alien, who's species has been "biologically determined to sense the coming of death". We predict he'll be the new darling on the series. Follow Doug:
  • T'Kuvma
    Actor: Chris Obi. T'Kuvma is the Klingon Leader seeking to reunite the houses (when were they ever united!?) Follow Chris:
  • Harry Mud
    Actor: Rainn Wilson. That's right HARRY MUDD! Another epic casting choice. Follow Rainn:
  • Kol
    Actor: Kenneth Mitchell. Kol is a Klingon and Protege to T’Kuvma. Sorta looks like Chris Pine if you ask us. Follow Kenneth:
  • Ujilli
    Actor: Damon Runyan. Plays a Klingon despite his Ferengi sounding name. Follow Damon:
  • Lt. Tyler
    Actor: Shazad Latif. Originally cast to play Kol, in a reshuffle he is now listed as a 'Starfleet Officer in the Federation'. Intriguing, no assignment listed. Follow Shazad:
  • Admiral Anderson
    Actor: Terry Serpico. A Starfleet Admiral, there's a high probability he'll be morally corrupt. Let's see? Follow Terry:
  • L'Rell
    Actor: Mary Chieffo plays a battle deck Commander on a Klingon Ship. From her social media accounts she appears to be fully embracing all things Klingon! Follow Mary:
  • Dennas
    Actor: Clare McConnell. A leader in the Klingon Empire. Currently has a screenshot of Worf's surprise party as her Twitter header image. Follow Clare:
  • Dr. Nambue
    Actor: Maulik Pancholy. Dr. Nambue is the Chief Medical Officer of the starship Shenzhou. Follow Malik:
  • Ensign Connor
    Actor: Sam Vartholomeos. Ensign Connor is a junior Officer in Starfleet Academy assigned to the starship Shenzhou. Follow Sam:
  • Cadet Tilly
    Actor: Mary Wiseman. A cadet in her final year of Starfleet Academy, assigned to the USS Discovery. Follow Mary:



24th Century Socialites. Often found in Quarks, Ten Forward and the VIP bars of Risa