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Star Trek Discovery Trailer Reaction


Star Trek Discovery’s 1st Trailer has finally arrived and here is Trekkie Girl Sam’s  reaction!

Trailer Reaction

What an evening! I had been watching the Twitter feeds all night. Upon hearing that Les Moonves (CBS CEO) explain that some “short clips” would air, I presumed there would be a planned release from Star Trek/CBS whereby all social media channels would drop the clip at the time of the Upfronts to avoid crappy leaks. Unfortunately crappy leaks happened. I shouldn’t have looked, but I’m only human!
But in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the actual trailer.

Here’s my reaction, it’s extra authentic as I failed to hit pause on the record!:

BTW that was a highly emotional response for a Brit!
Everything about this is impeccably Star Trek. It truly feels like Star Trek is back, but new. I hate, hate, hate to use this term but ‘as a woman’ it feels even more like my Star Trek.
Even though Star Trek has had some incredible female leads in the past, the casting and gender seems less forced. Not sure why I feel that way after one small trailer. Maybe it’s because the genders of the officers isn’t a selling point of the show this time?

I’m intrigued by Lt Saru’s character, I believe he’ll be Star Trek’s new darling. He has that Spock/Data/Doctor vibe about him.

The Klingons…. I don’t actually have much to say about the Klingons at this point. Yes they look different, but Klingons look different every decade. It’s an interesting time between the Federation and Klingon Empire and with so many Klingon characters cast in discovery, I’m happy they are regaining centre stage again.
I always struggle when people complain about the superficial elements of Star Trek, most fans of the show are so because of the superior storytelling. In which case the appearance of the show is either irrelevant or serve as an improvement to the franchise.

Witnessing how dedicated the actors are to their characters and to the franchise, certainly helps:

Initial Teaser image

This morning during the CBS Upfronts (a network presentation to showcase their upcoming shows) they treated us to this picture, and this was our initial reaction:

Star Trek Discovery 1st image

This planet and it’s costumes conjure a feeling of familiarity and our thoughts immediately went to Nimbus III – The Planet of Galactic Peace from Star Trek The Final Frontier.

There’s also something very Vulcan about it (like it has the Vulcan Instagram filter on!). Reminds us of Enterprise: The Forge.

However Trekmovie.com has reported that the scene from the new image was filmed in Jordan. We all know Vulcan can only be filled at Gorn Rocks!

Or Sisko digging in the sand avoiding his emotions whilst morning the death of Jadzia searching for the prophets?

It could even be something completely unique?

Update: There has since been  new images released on StarTrek.com

Other News

Number of episodes per season has increased to 15 per season – yay!
CBS also announced that an after show would accompany Star Trek Discovery named ‘Talking Trek’. Twitter is ablaze with host suggestions from your favourite Star Trek bloggers 😉

For frame by frame stills, check out and praise the good folks of Trekcore for their efforts!

Netflix special trailer:


Update on Release Date?

Still saying ‘fall’ (autumn). But like I say in the video, they’re doing a great job. Take all the time you need!

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