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Michael Burnham and the Vulcan Connection. Spock/Uhura’s Daughter?

There’s a lot of speculation of a Vulcan connection surrounding Star Trek Discovery’s lead character Michael Burnham. In the trailer, it appears as if a young Burnham is raised on Vulcan. But it goes beyond those ‘on point’ eyebrows and pixie haircut.
Michael Burnham - Vulcan Connection
In the trailer Burnham seems to talk with a Vulcan inflection at times. But she also shows emotion backing up speculation that she could be human, raised by Vulcans.
But as I lay awake last night considering all the possibilities, a theory of my own popped into my head. To use our new favourite meme:
rain robinson you can't stop a girl speculating
Yes I know we’ve only seen a few minutes of footage but it’s fun to guess. This is pretty far out…..
What if Michael Burnham is Spock and Uhura’s child from the future??…. Stay with me!….

Star Trek writers love having characters with internal conflict/mixed heritage such as Spock, B’Elanna Torres, Troi etc. So I suspect they might do the same with Burnham.
Then I was thinking about Uhura from the movies, how well written and utilised her character was but there is scope for more.
When Burnham recommends firing at the Klingons, she was feisty but in control and it reminded me of Uhura. Discovery has taken lots of inspiration from the Kelvin Timeline. It would be conceivable that they may wish to recapture some of those Uhura traits in another character.
That got me thinking. What if she was the future child of Spock and Uhura?
Spock and Uhura
I couldn’t post a picture of Spock and Uhura kissing. I just couldn’t.
Now we have a ‘sort of’ confirmation that Discovery is set in the Prime Universe. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this series had some connection to the Kelvin Universe. Some of the best episodes of Star Trek centre around a connection to another series/timeline. Think of  episodes like DS9 Trials and Tribulations, VOY Flashback, ENT Regeneration and TNG Relics.
Here’s how I would pitch it.
Discovery runs for a couple of seasons doing it’s thing, establishing itself.
Burnham has no idea who her parents are, she’ll come across as an orphan child with a Worf complex. Sarek is her father figure and mentor.

Then the forth Kelvin movie drops. It’s about Spock trying to finish Ambassador Spock’s work. That includes finding a way to save Romulus.

Lets have a quick look at the timeline:

2233 – Narada/Nero incident
2255 – Start of Star Trek Discovery
2258 – Star Trek 2009 movie
2265 – Start of TOS (Where no man has gone before)

So Spock (Kelvin) is trying to save Romulus (Prime) using time travel, slingshots or funky transporter tricks. He is trying to get to the 24th Century but in a moment of certain peril, he and Uhura (who is pregnant) find themselves thrownback to 2233 (goddammit Captain Braxton).
They realise that they have an opportunity to save Vulcan instead.
In a heartbreaking scene reminiscent of James Kirk’s birth scene in Star Trek ’09, Spock and Uhura sacrifice themselves to save the world leaving their child with Sarek and Amanda Grayson.

Their daughter would be mostly human but I suspect with the state of Vulcans in the Kelvin universe it would be important for Spock to have his child raised as a Vulcan. So he sends her back to be raised by his own family….remember in the Kelvin universe Spock gets on with his daddy so thats ok!

All of this would unravel later in the series in conjunction with the movie.

Either way, speculating makes me feel excited about the series. It also helps me allay any fears I have about this being a TOS Prequel.
I’ll admit I wanted a 24th/25th Century prime timeline series but there’s still a lot to play with in this time frame and as Picard says “things are only impossible until they are not.”

  What do you think?


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MAC Cosmetics Trek Inspired Collection

Load credit card and prepare to fire glitter! We are LOVING this! MAC Cosmetics and Star Trek are going on a joint mission to create a Trek inspired collection.

As MAC enthusiast myself I think this is a perfect collaboration. Why? MAC has a culture of acceptance. It’s ethos is to celebrate diversity and it’s own words “we are for All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.”

They have taken the ‘all races’ part literally this time as their collection boasts Orion, Betazoid, Borg and Human influences as this image/advert indicates.

Guessing they didn’t want to pay Jeri, Marina and Nichelle for use of their image!

The irony is, the day before this was announced we were on the MAC Cosmetics site eyeing up their body paints for our Orion Slave Cosplay we are hoping to achieve at the Star Trek Las Vegas and Destination Star Trek conventions later this year,

Perhaps a specially commissioned Green Paint will be included?

I’d like to add how refreshing it is to see new markets being explored for collaboration with Star Trek merchandise. It’s great to see it branching outside novelty and collectables.

When purchasing Star Trek products I choose ones that express my interest, but are also useful and beautiful in my home. This ticks all three of those boxes which is actually rare for Star Trek merchandise these days.

Here’s what we’re hoping to see….

Seven of Nine


Seven is all about dem lips! That’s Borg Perfection right there. Actually, they should name a lipstick ‘Borg Perfection’!

Seven isn’t heavy on the makeup, it’s all rather subtle. What would be nice is eyeshadows that work well with hooded eyelids (Like I have – Sam!). Also this would be a great time to bring back the Taupe eyebrow pencil that was discontinued. Rename it ‘The Queen’ or something!

Deanna Troi


MAC have a few options available to them  thanks to Deanna’s changing looks over the series. But I think this is my favourite. Its just so 2370! umm I mean 90’s!

The 1990’s seem to be having a moment so let Deanna and her 50 shades of brown eyeshadow, the smokey eye and power blush rule!



Uhura’s look is iconic and is practically the ‘go-to’ look for most women cosplayers when doing a Star Trek look.
For the Uhura collection the obvious look is recreating that perfect eyeliner with the feline flicks. Some whispery falsies would work well too. The rest of Uhura’s look is in her amazing complexion which is as clear as her hailing frequencies. We’ll also be needing some nail polish because Uhura is always well manicured.

Orion Slave Girl


There’s a couple of directions they can go with the Orions. If we are to take their image as a clue, I’d suspect they’ll go with the Enterprise look over the nu-trek style (yay!). ce4d22c260b1e6c0529a7733c0457bd6

There isn’t much difference between the Enterprise girls and the iconic Vina from TOS. The only major difference being the shade of lipstick. Personally, I think the dark lip suits the Green girls better. (Don’t even get me started on the orange colour from the movie!).

Not only am I hoping for a body paint (purely selfish reasons!) but also someway of blending that look into the eyes. – A green smokey, some glitter? A contouring and finishing product would also help recreate this look.


So we will wait and see. And wait a long time too, because it won’t be available until 25th August online and inshore 1st September. We hope this is internationally, but we’ll let you know!

Here’s the garb from StarTrek.com:

This summer, MAC will introduce a collection of makeup inspired by Star Trek and, more specifically, Deanna Troi, Uhura, Seven of Nine and the Orion Girl, Vina. The 25-piece special deco collection will encompass lip, eye and face products.

Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries,” MAC creative director James Gager said in a statement. “For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek‘s powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection.”

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