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Trek Playlists

You’re in your bedroom fixing your latex ears or adjusting your ridges. You’re driving to a Star Trek convention the other side of the country or you’re wasted on Romulan Ale on Captain Picard Day. What’s on your playlist?

Remarkably, there is so much to choose from, we will have to do this post in two parts. We thought we’d share with you some of our favs. Split into different categories depending on your mood. In this post we bring you, Star Trek bands and Internet creations.
24th Century Rockbands, Marooned in the 21st Century.

Warp 11 were the first Star Trek themed Rockband we discovered and it was instant love. The band consists of Captain Karl Miller, Chief Engineer Brian Moore, Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer and John ‘Number One’ Merlino.
The band have just released their 7th Album – Borgasm and if its anything like the 6 preceding it, we’re in for a treat. Our favourite albums are Red Alert and Boldly Go Down On Me – and with album covers like this, who can blame us! Whilst their style is predominately rock and punk, they dabble in a bit of country (Old Country Doctor) our tricorders even detected some ska.

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