Here comes the Darkness

We have been blown away by all the excitement and build up surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness and have been very lucky (or tortured) to have seen the first 30 minutes of the movie, but since the wave of Premieres began last week we have avoided all spoilers so we can sit back and enjoy the movie.
Tomorrow (Weds 1st) we will be put out of our misery as we will see the film in its entirety! Don't worry, we won't say a word. Spoilers are out there if you want to find out.
You can find us reporting on the UK release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Twitter @TrekkieGirls


Wednesday 1st afternoon/evening - Press Screening

Thursday 2nd - 10 am Press conference with all cast, JJ Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman, Lindelof and Burk

Thursday 2nd - 5pm London Premiere, Empire … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek: The Search for Scotty?

If (like us) you are still determined that the prophets will shine down on you and grant you tickets to the London Star Trek Premiere, then here is another chance to win some with Paramount Pictures.
All you need to do, is look out for the Into Darkness posters jotted around the country (UK) and find the ones featuring Scotty! 
You jot down the code then enter the details with Paramount
You need to enter before 12pm midday on Wednesday 1st. There are 10 posters in total and Paramount are giving away a pair of tickets to the winner. Check out their t's & c's
We'd love to know why Paramount picked Scotty, we can see the spoof version of the film already. Taking Scotty back … Continue Reading ››

The Good, The Bad, The Benedict

By Carole
He's hot, witty, smart, an amazing dresser and oh so well spoken, he'll steal your word (and l should I know it happened to me) buts that's not what has me excited about his role as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness - I won't lie it is part of it 😉
"Did I lock the shuttle bay door when I left this morning?"
I adore the '09 JJ film but the one thing that I thought fell a little short was that the antagonist, the adorable Eric Bana, just wasn't intimidating, I never felt that Kirk and crew were in true peril. But from what I've seen and heard so far (and its beginning like I've seen the whole film now) Benedict aka John Harrison … Continue Reading ››

Another Trailer

Whenever we see a tweet declaring a 'new' trailer we have to do a little bit of studying to ascertain if it is new and different from the last one we saw. Not that we're complaining but we reckon if you shuffle all scenes from all trailers you can piece together the whole film now!

Tough Little Ship v Half as big as her Captain
This latest trailer looks incred! We are itching like a scabby tribble to see this film now. Is it our over active imaginations or do we spy an Excelsior class ship? We can almost see Sulu eyeing it up and mentally picking out paint samples.

Watch the trailer via iTunes

Dawn of the Federation

As you know we love our Star Trek Conventions, but we don't get to enough fan-only run events. As we knew the organisers and a lot of the groups involved in Dawn of The Federation we knew we had to give it a go. 'Dawn' as it got shortened too, was intended as a celebration of the 50 year pre-anniversary of first contact. And we swear by the name of the prophets we celebrated in a way that would make Troi and Zefram proud.
We had a three hour drive to Leicester (which is called 'the midlands' but is every bit 'up North' to us!) we arrived about midday. We had missed some of the group presentations which felt a bit like missing a mission briefing, you weren't sure whether it was a good thing or not!? Fortunately we were able to catchup by meeting each table one … Continue Reading ››

Trek Twitter Tuesday 2nd – 9th April

Another eventful week with anniversary of First Contact and a month away from Star Trek Into Darkness gracing our cinema screens and prime universe!

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Star Trek Into Darkness UK Cinema Tickets on Sale!

Just like how touching the Pheonix made it more real for Picard. Being able to purchase tickets to Star Trek Into Darkness makes it ohhh so real. 
Tickets are now on sale for the following UK Cinemas:

Picture House
Odeon IMAX 3D
Odeon 3D
Odeon 2D

So a thorough coverage and selection to choose from. These can be purchased through the official Paramount Star Trek Into Darkness site here. Not all locations showtimes seem to be available yet. But for our local cinema (Portsmouth) it allowed us to click through to Vue's website and purchase tickets. Can't help but notice the Wednesday 8th May 00.05 screening hailing us!

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Today is a good day…

....To watch first contact! Whilst tomorrow is first contact. It's still good to get that cheap thrill from hearing Data say todays date. It's the simple things! This year is a special one though as it's the 50 year pre-anniversary of first contact.
We'll be celebrating the event with fans across the country this weekend at the National Space Centre, Leicester. Tomorrow evening we'll upload our video on ways to celebrate this special event. Then stay tuned this Saturday for our live tweeting from Dawn of The Federation. Where we will no doubt make endless innuendoes over the name Dawn.