Chris Hadfield’s Five Month Mission

Commander Chris Hadfield, of the Canadian Space Agency and until yesterday, Station Commander of the International Space Station only appeared on our sensors when William Shatner, MBB, publicised a live chat with a fellow canadian who works in outer space. Since then we have been obsessed with this guy. We know we are not alone, with 800,000 twitter followers and a list of celebrity fans as long a warp nacelle he is a popular astronaut.
Like all who have followed his adventures, we have also enjoyed his photos, his YouTube videos, blobs of water and zero-g guitar. But what really does it for us is his ability to capture the human spirit for adventure, exploration and curiosity. These are all the elements within Star Trek which have made … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere Roundup

The sky was blue, the carpet was white and London was the centre of the Universe. We have been avoiding the internet, keen not to give too much away about the film. But here is a roundup of our experience. Wednesday 1st May: Our first task for the away mission in a trip to Sky News HQ where we talk about our expectation about the film. Bit cringeworthy now we have seen the film. But other than the preview, we knew nothing about what to expect. You can find the interview on the Sky News App, downloadable from iTunes After a late lunch we headed to the cinema to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. It was an advanced press screening and along with Raules Davis (The Trekologist) and Chris Cooper (Editor of Star Trek Magazine) we think we … Continue Reading ››

Into Darkness Press Conference

After a night filled with dreams of explosions, miniskirts and lens flares we arrive back in London this morning for the Press Conference. You couldn't pick a better location, set against the backdrop of London, the very scene used in the movies posters (in our minds we see 23rd Century architecture too).
We were glad McCoy was in the house because we needed reviving several times! Here are our highlights:
  • Lidelof mentioned he wanted to stay true to the original Star Trek, to embrace canon but not be limited by it either. This was also reflected in Orci and Kurtzans responses.
There was a great question asking what everyone did when they found out they were going to be on Star Trek:
  • Chris pine was very honest and said he didn't get the part after first audition, felt his ego was burnt but wanted it … Continue Reading ››

Exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness Gifts!

Today is the the world premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in London and to celebrate that and its release on 9 May, we have teamed up with Paramount Pictures to bring you a fabulous set of Limited Edition free goodies.

Simply visit the promotional link and choose your gifts whilst stocks last. All the gifts are free – all you pay is the postage and packing fee to ship the items. But be quick, this offer is advertised in national papers this weekend (they have slightly more readers than our blog!)
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Speculation on Darkness

We're heading Into Darkness aka London. Although its sunny for the first time ever! We are very privileged to have been invited to an advanced showing of Star Trek Into Darkness, so whilst sat on the train we discuss what we think might happen in this film. Our speculation is purely that. We have no idea what will happen in this film. Read at your own discretion 🙂

  1. John Harrison will die (and Carole will cry!)
  2. Johns Harrison's death will be the premise for the next film
  3. Leonard Nimoy will make a suprise appearance
  4. Best quote will go to Spock
  5. Scotty will score funniest moment
  6. Someone's life (probably Spock) will be left in peril
  7. Amongst devastation, a pregnancy is revealed (But will it be Marcus or Uhura?)
  8. We will cry at the end of … Continue Reading ››