Guess Who Is Going to Germany?

Yesterday we were put out of our misery as the next Star Trek Destination was finally revealed. Carole and Sam met up to discuss their thoughts and hopes for Destination Star Trek Germany and as usual, looking for clues.....
At a glance:
Location: Frankfurt Messe, much bigger than London ExCel. Two airports serving.
Ticket Prices: Comparable to DSTL at today's exchange rate.
The difference is with the premium ticketing options with Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP fairing slightly cheaper than DSTL. Whilst offering roughly the same. The only significant difference is at DSTL a Captains Talk was included. So we presume the price difference is due to this.
From comparing, we'd either go Silver or Latinum (and that ain't no typo!). Also note that priority queuing is available only for Latinum and VIP. This is bad news if you normally would go Gold, but good news if you go … Continue Reading ››