First contact with DSTG

We have landed! DSTG is a bit like a starship without any families at the moment and they're still attaching the warp nacelles but soon it will be breaking with fans! We couldn't wait though and snuck in to give you this preview.
The bridge - if you saw the one at Hyde park or Vegas, this isn't it! It's more of a photo set piece but it is amazing! It consists of the three seats, the wooden arch, backlit panels and turbo lift doors. It looks the real deal and has pride of place as you enter the hall. There are much more mechandise stalls which are more relevant. Keep tuned for more sneaks peaks soon....

We’re off!

Good bye England we're off to DSTG in Frankfurt. We have our bags packed solid with costumes, wigs, comm badges. We can't even fit in a change of clothes for the way home! 

As usual we'll be tweeting all the happenings throughout the three day event. We're also going to sneak in early tomorrow morning and give you a sneak preview of the event! (Because waiting a few hours is unacceptable!).

We'll be hosting a number of events over the weekend so please add us to your timetable. Here's what we're planning (times subject to random changes!)

Friday 21st :
15.45 - 16.15 Stage B 
Welcome to DSTG. 

Drop in and say Hi, get to meet other trekkies. We share some hints and tips to surviving a convention … Continue Reading ››

Twitter Takeover – It’s all about William Shatner!

We're very excited about tonight's DSTG Twitter and Facebook takeover.

He was saving the galaxy before we were in diapers! He is the one-and-only and Destination Star Trek Germany headline guest WILLIAM SHATNER!!! 

Gosh we love him and we can't wait to see him in Frankfurt next week. Until then we're going to dedicate a whole takeover session to how awesome he is. See you tonight at 8pm GMT/9pm CET.


Been debating wether to put this up but after watching TNG Reunion I keep thinking how much Kate Middleton resembles K'Ehleyr. This is meant with every respect to both of them because I think they are both beautiful women. Maybe it's the long glossy locks? Do you have any Trek character/ celebrity lookalikes to suggest?