DST3 Guest Announcements and Ticket Sales!

Holy Rings of Betazed!! They have done it again. DST3 has pulled off an amazing lineup for this Octobers convention...

Full Line up check out www.destinationstartrek.com 

Where to even start. Ok, for us, we like the massive TNG presence all bar Mon Capitaine and Wheaton. We will have you Will Wheaton...one day! These guys know how to bring fun to a convention, if you weren't able to get to DSTG/Frankfurt, then you are in for a treat. If you did see them, you know you want to see them again!

Then we got some faces we haven't seen at any DST events or even in the UK before! Jeri Ryan is a rare treasure to this island but we are super excited to see James Darren … Continue Reading ››