SF Ball coming to Southampton

This year we are very excited to make our first trip to the famous SF Ball 6th - 8th Feb. We have heard so many exciting things about this event, from the cabaret, to the interaction with guests, not to mention those con dances! It's a travesty on our part that we haven't made until now. Ball21Flier Alas, with a little one and work commitments we are only able to attend for the Saturday but we can't wait to soak up that Trek Atmosphere. Plus, hailing from Portsmouth, it's now in our back yard, Southampton. The Shelbyville to our Springfield. We had the privilege to talk to SFB events organiser B who kindly took the time to talk to us. Her passion and enthusiasm for the event is simply infectious. We could tell immediately that this is an event created with love. Being Trekkies, we were keen to hear how this … Continue Reading ››

We are Hugh

You may recall my trektastic pregnancy announcement with the TNG crew at DSTG last February. Well it's a long overdue introduction but we named our little one Hugh. Although it was very nearly Jean-Luc, right down to a heated discussion in the registars office. Who, by the way, was a Trekkie herself and was very keen on the name. IMG_0462_2 Born September 15th 2014 by C-Section - how envious I am of Samantha Wildmans transporter delivery or indeed, Borg maturation chambers! We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of others who have helped give Hugh a proper headstart in fandom. His Starfleet top pictured above was lovingly hand made by a family friend Jane and his Jean-Luc teddy knitted by his Granny. IMG_0515 Huey was born two weeks before DST3, but that didn't stop him attending his first ever Star Trek … Continue Reading ››

Happy Anniversary Voyager!

This week when I discovered it was Voyagers 20 year anniversary, my first thought was that there had been a glitch in the space time continuum. Surely the 90's were only a decade ago? image The nostalgia attributed to Voyagers premiere isn't just confined to my fandom but also my friendship with Carole. It was the first Trek series we were able to watch together and our friendship formed around it (at the expense of making other friends, as you can imagine!). Carole had got to watch a preview of Caretaker, Voyagers maiden voyage, at the Star Trek Convention in The Royal Albert Hall. She came to school bursting to tell me how great this new show was and best of all, there was a woman captain. About time! We were initially skeptical about the idea of the Marquis onboard, was Starfleet too boring? Is this how they were going to … Continue Reading ››