Simon Pegg and Memory Alpha

Having stumbled across this snippet on Treknews of an interview with Simon Pegg with the New York Daily News, we are pleased to learn that Simon Pegg has been referring to Memory Alpha whilst writing for Star Trek: Beyond.    We're hoping this means lots of hidden Easter eggs, crossovers and blantent references in our belovered Star Trek universe.  We know that Pegg is a self confessed fan, so why do we love that he is browsing our favourite Trek site? For Borg level perfection, obviously! We like our references to be tidy and laser scalpel sharp.  It's also a good indication that he respects the franchise and us nit-picky fans, that he wants to deliver it well. Either that or he went to google a spelling (maybe Qo'noS!? - ouch!) and then got stuck in the most horrendous wiki-loop ever.  Btw, does anyone else play this game on Memory Alpha? Pick two random and … Continue Reading ››

LFCC Sunday 19th July 2015

It's that time of year again for one of our convention staples. Showmaster's London Film and Comic Con. We've been attending these for years. It feels like that familiar family holiday we take together. But this year stands out. This year it was BIG!! There was some serious guest star pulling power happening. We heard that it was going to be hot and that it was crazy busy (It always seems to fall on the hottest day of the year!).  We prepared ourselves mentally and physically for this away mission. Lots of water, tiny TNG skant dresses, water, we even bought new boots that were super comfy (sign that we're getting old). Armed with this and psyching ourselves up for standing around in a sweaty moshpit, we were actually relieved to find it wasn't as bad as we had imagined it to be.

Bluetooth Communicator – UK Stockist

When tweeted the news that an officially licenced Bluetooth Commuicator that connects to your phone, is about to hit the market we didn't need to read too much more to shout out "shut up and take my Latinum!" p7243_press3   But where in the UK can we get our hands on this bleeping beauty!? Set coordinates for to get your preorder in now. The bad news is it's not available until January 2016. The good news is that it means it's just in time for next years 50 year anniversary celebration of Star Trek (more on that to follow). We can't wait to hang up on a PPI claim call in this! Here's all the nitty-gritty details should you require more convincing:
  • Bluetooth handset that pairs with your mobile phone
  • Make and receive mobile telephone calls like a fully-fledged Starfleet commander
  • Painstakingly highly-detailed and accurate to the original
  • 3D scanned … Continue Reading ››

London Film and Comic Con 17th -19th July

We're going back to one of our favourite events of the year London Film and Comic Con! And 'going back' is a theme this year with a Back To The Future reunion no less!    Taking place in the Olympia Hall  on  Friday 17th July, Saturday 18th and Sunday the 19th of July 2015 be sure to book your tickets fast as the ever popular show has even more wow factor this year to attract the crowds. The  guest that has sent shockwaves through geekdom was the big announcement that Michael J Fox will be joining Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, Donald Fullilove, Jeffrey Weissman and Lea Thompson for a BTTF cast reunion. You need super tickets for MJF but it's so rare, it's got to be worth it. Showmasters have also 'obtained' (for want of a better word!) some more unique guests such as Sigorney Weaver and Neve Campbell! Amazing, how do they get … Continue Reading ››