Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Tour – Win Tickets

Last year we were privileged to attend the celebration of Michael Giacchino’s music from Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) This year the Royal Albert Hall are hosting the World Premiere of Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage that will feature the most iconic footage and sounds from all the films and movies! rah_30410951455 We can't emphasize enough what an incredible experience watching STID on a massive screen with a live orchestra playing right in front of you. It's goose bump inducing. We are even more excited about it after seeing this video promo on the Royal Albert Halls's website: (turn up the volume....LOUD) We suggest booking your tickets fast to avoid disappointment. WIN TICKETS TO STAR TREK: THE ULTIMATE VOYAGE TOUR The good folks at the Royal Albert Hall have kindly offered a pair of their best tickets in the house (central stalls) to the world premiere  of Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage … Continue Reading ››

UK Star Trek anniversary event in London 2016?

If you watched our latest episode, we revealed some clues that hint that a big London based Star Trek anniversary is heading our way in 2016. Here's where we found our clues.

The major spoiler was from Kate Mulgrew in this interview:

A 50 year celebration is planned for London in 2016, she tells us, with all five captains in attendance..


Source: UK Gay Times

In addition, Tim Russ russ let it slip during his talk at Lomdon Film and Comic Con that he'd be returning to London for an event in 2016:

What do you think? We have enquired with the usual suspects but everyone is being tight lipped. Have you heard anything? Have the … Continue Reading ››