Virtual Reality Tour of the Enterprise D

This preview of the VR tour of the Ent-D has been floating around a couple of days. We finally sat down to watch it. We are now convinced that if holodecks were to ever become a thing. We would be full blown Barclay style holo-addicts. You'll find us at Holo's Anonymous on a tuesday evening saying 'It's been 5 weeks since my last holosuite but I relapsed bad last night. I slept in my holographic quarters on board the Ent D again. Then I ran Vulcan Love Slave two in the holographic ships holodeck! I had to say 'computer end program' 6 times to get out!" As for this preview of the Enterprise. Yep we'd live there. We'd buy an Oculus Rift for this! Friendly request though. Please move Ten Forward off deck two. *Battling our nit-picking stereotype here*

The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 – A chat with Ashley

After binge watching S1 of The Red Shirt Diaries (thanks for joining us on our tweet-along!) we got in touch with Ashley (aka Ensign Williams) for a chat before the launch of Season 2. Season 2 launched last week with the Menagarie pt 1 & 2 now available and it continues it's fitting tribute to TOS with its wit, style and improved fancy visual effects! How did you get started with RSD? I had had the idea for THE RED SHIRT DIARIES right after I graduated from university with the intent of building a show around a rewatch of TOS. I'd never seen TOS in order and blogs are such a popular medium that it seemed a natural match. When I met Jason Inman I told him about the idea and he was able to bring the skills and understanding of youtube to THE RED SHIRT DIARIES and start it into production. (for those who don't … Continue Reading ››

Science Fiction and Fantasy Weekend 26th – 27th Sep

Next weekend ( 26th - 27th September) we will be attending the Science Fiction and Fantasy Weekend at Action Stations, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. image004 There will be displays, vendor stalls, games to play from across the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre plus you are in the incredible Action Stations in the Historic Dockyards. There is laser quest, rock climbing or visit ships like the HMS Victory, Mary Rose or HMS Warrior. At 1pm Saturday 26th, The Trekkie Girls will be hosting the costume contest! Open to all ages and ability, we can't wait to see everyone dressed up. We're super excited about this event (aren't we always!) because it's being held in our home town. Let us know if you're coming! Tickets are £4 per adult. £3 per child and £10 for a family. For more details and to book see the Science Fiction and Fantasy Weekend event details

The Original TiT’s Season 3 TNG Review: Pt 1

Another Season down and I still haven’t learned my lesson! Instead of mentally trying to build a Season review in my head as I watch, and maybe even sensibly jotting a couple of notes down along the way, I still find myself having done neither of these things, and once again face the challenge of trying to remember what’s happened throughout the whole of Season 3! #badTiT I thought I’d share my thought process with you, as it struck me as being quite funny? Well, you can tell I’m a die-hard Friends fan anyway?! This is how it began…


  1. Evolution – Wesley’s nanites get loose – they communicate through Data
  2. The Ensigns of Command – Data takes control on-planet
  3. The Survivors – great “on planet” episode
  4. Who Watches the Watchers – the one where Troi and Riker are disguised as aliens that look a bit like Vulcan/Romulans?!
  5. The Bonding – the one with the creepy little boy – good Worf … Continue Reading ››

Portal 47 Mission Briefing 

If you follow Larry Nemecek's Trekland Blog (and if you don't, you can't sit with us!) you would have heard about this mysterious Portal 47. We've been curious about this like a lowly officer is curious about the Omega directive, but our wait is over. On Wednesday 9th September at 19.00 Pacific Time, 22.00 Eastern Time or 03.00 on Thursday in the UK, Mr Trekland himself will reveal all! And you can hear for yourself via a teleconference (let's call it subspace!) or listen online. You can sign up for yourself to get information direct from the source. Larry informs us that he is hoping to add some European friendly times in the future so we don't miss out (although dealing with us sleepy/drunk Brits is so much more fun!). Larry Nemecek is immensely popular at conventions, podcasts and all over the Trek Community for his unique insider knowledge into the franchise. … Continue Reading ››

Red Shirt Diaries

Unless you have been condemned to Talos for the past week you will have heard that The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 is about to drop on the Trekkie Community.    And here is where we must confess our dirty secret. We haven't seen season one yet! Because we always intend too, we haven't quite got round to doing it. But we don't want to get left behind. All our podcaster/ blogger friends like it and have interviewed Ashley Robinson (writer, producer and actress) who stars in the web series.  But that's about to change. Tonight at 9pm UK time we will sit down and watch them. If you also haven't had the chance to watch it, or you want to refresh yourself before season 2 starts, join us tonight on Twitter at 9pm. In brief, the Red Shirt Diaries follows Ensign Williams on the first 10 episodes of the … Continue Reading ››