Bryan Fuller answers questions about New Star Trek Series

What an interview! If you found todays news regarding the fan film guidelines from CBS as exciting as an episode of Come Dine With Me on Vulcan then you're in luck, because something exciting had happened..... Recorded at the Saturn Awards, Collider got this beautiful interview with showrunner Bryan Fuller where he reveals how far along they are in the process. And it's rather far! We love his enthusiasm for the Bridge design, the open possibilities of casting and the benefits of streaming... The interviewer asks some great questions, all except THAT question! It sounds like we are just weeks away from some solid news with patrons of SDCC being the lucky first recipients. (You'll have to click on the link t0 watch it, it won't embed!)

Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast

Proving that Star Trek is more relevant and cooler than ever, it's getting its own Podcast! Hosted by the amazing Jordan Hoffman (UK'ers will remember him as the entertaining panel MC at Destination Star Trek 3) he is known as a film critic, writer of One Trek Mind and general Star Trek commentator favourite. engage An introductory episode is already online available on iTunes and where Jordan provides a synopsis of what to expect. From listening to it, there is an emphasis on encouraging new fans into our collective. Which is fantastic because as a group, as podcasters and bloggers we can be accused of being too insular. We congratulate each other on in-jokes and obscure references and without intending this could be off-putting to people wanting to join the series as such a late time. This is where we must confess, we don't really listen to podcasts. We … Continue Reading ››

CBS Action – Brief history of Trek

If you take a look at the 'features' section on CBS Action's website you might notice some familiar faces! Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 14.08.06 It's us! We have contributed to their Treklog feature and we'd love to know what you think? For you old timers you'll know all about the history of Star Trek but hopefully it sets a background for new fans joining us. We also throw some opinions in for good measure. What do you think? Did we accurately describe the major themes behind each series? Where are you on the journey? Were you there from the beginning? Were you part of the great assimilation of the 1990's? Or like our Trekkie In Training, part of the 21st century resurgence of Star Trek fandom? CBS Action is available on Sky 148, Virgin 192, Freeview 64 and freesat 137  

New series teaser

Did you see it? The 'teaser' for the 2017  Star Trek series? Show runner (translation: our latest victim to twitter stalking) posted this 'teaser' for the 'teaser'. Hinting that it may contain Easter Eggs. So we have gone looking for them! First thoughts; Fast zoom past Earth and the moon to signify 'we're going to be exploring the further reaches of our galaxy?' The Nebula is reminiscent of the one at the end of Voyager's opening credits? Also note news story from this week that Star Trek Voyager novelist Kirsten Beyer has joined the writing staff. Then this happened: Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 20.10.30   It HAS to be Praxis right? Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 20.19.04 As for this, initial thoughts are Romulus which … Continue Reading ››

What The TWOK!? Costumes are looking good!

It has been a lifelong dream to own one of these 'Monster Maroons' as they are affectionately known. But the dream is becoming a reality thanks to a wonderful local costume maker Naomi who has just sent us these images of our very own Wrath of Khan era Costumes, nearly completed.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 13.22.31Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 13.22.47

A photo posted by Naomi Rachel Gibbs (@society_belle) on Jun 2, 2016 at 11:20am PDT

  13340680_1017988491583243_942177651_o13324130_1017988704916555_1073870975_o 13383460_1017987711583321_497020515_o Any spillage on these costumes at conventions will result in court marshall! We LOVE these and KHAN't wait to get a photoshoot on the Bridge of the Enterprise whilst wearing them!