Sci-Fi Ball 24

Sci-Fi Ball 25 takes place 8th to 10th February 2019 at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton UK. The Sci-Fi Ball is a charity event to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Charity. Book early to avoid disappointment.
Star Trek Guests:
Trekkie Girls Attending? Yes
How Much Latinum?
£15 for day entry £289 for the gold ticket, dining, parties, cabaret etc.
  • Raises money for a worthy cause
  • Always have at least one Star Trek guest
  • Medium sized event, it's not so small enough to be clicky. But it's not big enough to be soulless.
  • It's not as intense as other events, it's the perfect opportunity to mingle with other fans.
  • Includes a delicious meal and evening entertainment
  • The Grand Harbour Hotel is very nice.