Trekkie Girls – Friday Night Live – Star Trek Lower Deck ep 1+ Discovery S3 Review

We're back! Join us this Friday night for our usual Trekkie shenanigans. Including:

πŸ–– Lower Decks ep 1 'Second Contact' Review
πŸ–– Our thoughts on characters so far
πŸ–– Review of S3 Discovery
πŸ–– Best episodes of the season
πŸ–– Burnham and Tilly's promotions
πŸ–– Return of Kenneth Mitchell.
πŸ–– Star Trek themed cocktails - This week is the 'Emerald Chain'

Unbelievable!!!!! – The Movie – Chat with Chase Masterson

Get ready to watch the parody Sci-Fi movie we're all been waiting this Saturday in your own home!Β 

Trekkie Girl Sam had the honour of talking to the lead actress (and one of our favourite people) Chase Masterson about this new movie.Β In this chat, Chase speaks about how you can watch the movie in a special virtual VIP experience featuring guest panels and Q&A's.


More details here

If you've been a Star Trek fan and an internet dweller for some years you will have probably seen a reference to Unbelievable!!!!! (There are FIVE explanation marks!).Β 

If you haven't heard of it, you're in for a treat.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! is a Sci-Fi Parody Adventure which follows the exploits of four offbeat astronauts. One is a puppet, Captain Kirk Stillwood-- who travels to the Moon on a rescue mission to determine the fate of two Space Agency … Continue Reading ››

Sci-Fi Ball 26 – Review

We have been trying to think how many SFBalls we have now attended. It must be at least five now. We like the Ball for it's relaxed laid back nature. It's not a signing show or a convention. The guest list is small and the event can best be described as intimate. It's local to us too which makes a difference. But best of all, it raises money for the Teenage Cancer Trust which makes a huge impact on young people who have cancer.

Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis Sci-Fi Ball

We couldn't be more excited to attend this year to see Marina Sirtis (Star Trek's Counsellor Troi). Any fan who has seen her in a panel knows why she is a favourite at events. She is funny, entertaining and can go from unfiltered what-you-see-is-what-you-get to loving queen … Continue Reading ››

4 free Star Trek: Picard episodes with amazon prime video 30 day trial!

If you haven't already signed up for Amazon Prime Video in anticipation of Star Trek: Picard premiering on the 24th January then this is the perfect time to subscribe. If you sign up for a free trial on the 24th you get 30 days free trial period. That means you get four episodes of Star Trek: Picard for free! 

We were fortunate enough to attend the London Premiere and we promise you are going to love this series! Here we give a spoiler free review of the event:

*Disclaimer: We do earn a tiny affiliate payment on links. We use this to save 50 pence on drinks at Quarks.

Destination Star Trek – Weekend Away Mission!

It's Trekkie Christmas! We can't believe it's been a whole year already but it's time for our favourite Star Trek Convention (yes we know we say they are all our favourites but that's because they are all our favourites!).

We'll be beaming in Thursday evening, unfortunately we are unable to host a landing party this year due to some problems finding somewhere that would host us, but don't let that stop you beaming down early and having a good time!Β 

Here's the highlights and what we'll be doing over the weekend!

Timetables can and do change. We are also notoriously rubbish at reading the timetable so please check all times on the DST Website and twitter account.


It's always quieter on Fridays so this is the perfect time to buy some the DST exclusive merchandise that is at risk of selling out over the weekend. We have heard that Forbidden Planet have … Continue Reading ››

Trekkie Girls – Friday Night Live – The Maquis!


This Friday Night at 21:00 BST we will be chatting about:

πŸ–– DS9 rewatch/first watch. This week we have finished season 2! πŸ–– We talk about what else was happening in 2370 when S2 #DS9 wrapped.
πŸ–– The Maquis - what did you make of them? Heroes or traitors?
πŸ–– Destination Star Trek. A new guest is announced on the 28th and we talk about our preparations!

Trekkie Girls – Friday Night Live – Favourite Star Trek Reads

This Friday at 21:00 BST we'll be talking about:
πŸ–– Star Trek Literature! Whether it's a Star Trek Fiction Novel or a reference book we'd love to know what you enjoy reading!
πŸ–– Deep Space Nine - We're up to Season 2 ep 11 - 20
πŸ–– Destination Star Trek - Guest announcement next Weds, who are you hoping/expecting?
πŸ–– Trek themed drinks! This week our cocktail is called a 'Confused Garak'!

Trekkie Girls – Friday Night Live Chat – Mergers, DS9 and DST

Every Friday at 21:00 BST we get together and talk all things Star Trek! This we talk about:

πŸ–– The CBS/Viacom merger. Mummy and Daddy are getting married! What this could mean for the Star Trek Universe. Obviously, we have no idea so we speculate what we'd like to see as fans!

πŸ–– Trekkie Girls Do Deep Space Nine We have been watching S2 ep 11 - 15.

πŸ–– Destination Star Trek. It's about time we had another convention to look forward too. Let's start planning!

πŸ–– Quarks Bar - What Star Trek themed beverage have we created this week?


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