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Kira Nana & Nery’s Visitor

Our final interview from TGSITG was with the lovely Nana Visitor. We were really looking forward to talking to her as Kira Nerys is one of the most developed and interesting female characters on the show. We were struck with how much passion Nana spoke about Kira. We could sense a real feeling of guardianship over her character.








We’re not sure if it’s just because we’re crazy fans but for a second it felt like we were with Kira, like she was peering out of Nana’s eyes. In fact, it was a bit like the DS9 episode Far Beyond The Stars when Benny starts shouting “It’s REEAAL, I created it and its REAL!”. Kira feels more real now and we find ourselves watching Kira with more appreciation for having spoke to Nana.
We wonder if being an actor is a bit like being a Trill host? You have all these previous symbionts (roles) and although those are part of your previous host’s life, they are still part of you and must influence you in someway.

We thank Nana for the opportunity, she is absolutely lovely, very gracious to the fans and a pleasure to talk to.

2 thoughts on “Kira Nana & Nery’s Visitor”

  1. This was the third time I've seen Nana since 2007. She's lovely, one of my favourite people ever, and since she was the highlight of the very first convention I ever went to I've always credited her with giving me the confidence to keep going with them. Both the first and second times I saw her she made the process feel more like meeting an old friend than queuing up and paying for an autograph/photo.This time, though…the memories aren't so good, unfortunately. Not because of her, she was her usual wonderful self. It was just me. I made the mistake of going to see her first – before I'd had a chance to get over the nerves that I'm always suffering with at cons – and ended up…well, babbling at her at about 100 miles an hour, it felt like. Not a good feeling to come away from her table and think "Hang on – I just made a complete idiot of myself, didn't I?"Also I'd spent quite a long time making this print thingy with pictures on it from all across her career, not just Trek. And I suppose that coupled with how nervous I think I was acting probably just made me seem like a crazy obsessive type person. Which obviously isn't good.Saw her again the next day and apologised. She didn't seem to think there was a problem, shook hands and all that, but, um…I still feel a bit of a wally, quite honestly. And if I am ever lucky enough to get to see her for a fourth time I'm determined to do it properly again. Less crazy, more calmly. :)Anyway, enough of my disasters – that was another nice interview you did there. And you're right, there is something of Kira still in Nana's eyes. That's one of the many reasons I like her so much, actually, is that fondness she still clearly has for a character she hasn't played in over ten years.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We know what you mean about nerves and sounding crazy, I think we all do that at some point. It was good that you were able to put it behind you and not let one bad experience stop you talking to Nana again. Thank you for listening to our interview and for visiting our blog.

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