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Happy New Year and the big 5-0!

We wish you a Trektastic 2016 and what a year we have ahead of us. It's astonishing to think this TV and movie series has gripped our planets attention for half a century. It makes us feel so young! We were going to write up a review about 2015 but like our spandex loving crewmates, we can't help but look forward into the future. Instead, here is what we have planned and our looking forward to in 2016. 2016.jpg SF Ball. 5th - 7th February. Grand Harbour Hotel, SouthamptonScreen Shot 2016-01-01 at 18.56.55.png Trek guests include Jonathan Frakes, Vaughn Armstrong and  Casey 'For Cardassia' Biggs. If you haven't already it worked it out.... That means the Enterprise Blues Band will also be performing! (Wonder if Frakes can actually play the Trombone?) Star Trek Beyond - 22nd July Like we did before with Star Trek … Continue Reading ››

LFCC Sunday 19th July 2015

It's that time of year again for one of our convention staples. Showmaster's London Film and Comic Con. We've been attending these for years. It feels like that familiar family holiday we take together. But this year stands out. This year it was BIG!! There was some serious guest star pulling power happening. We heard that it was going to be hot and that it was crazy busy (It always seems to fall on the hottest day of the year!).  We prepared ourselves mentally and physically for this away mission. Lots of water, tiny TNG skant dresses, water, we even bought new boots that were super comfy (sign that we're getting old). Armed with this and psyching ourselves up for standing around in a sweaty moshpit, we were actually relieved to find it wasn't as bad as we had imagined it to be.

London Film and Comic Con 17th -19th July

We're going back to one of our favourite events of the year London Film and Comic Con! And 'going back' is a theme this year with a Back To The Future reunion no less!    Taking place in the Olympia Hall  on  Friday 17th July, Saturday 18th and Sunday the 19th of July 2015 be sure to book your tickets fast as the ever popular show has even more wow factor this year to attract the crowds. The  guest that has sent shockwaves through geekdom was the big announcement that Michael J Fox will be joining Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, Donald Fullilove, Jeffrey Weissman and Lea Thompson for a BTTF cast reunion. You need super tickets for MJF but it's so rare, it's got to be worth it. Showmasters have also 'obtained' (for want of a better word!) some more unique guests such as Sigorney Weaver and Neve Campbell! Amazing, how do they get … Continue Reading ››

London Film and Comic Con 2014

Showmasters always seem to be looking out for us Trekkies and if you frequent their Forums you will have seen today's announcement that Terry Farrell and Diane Muldaur will be attending next years show!
We have only seen them both once and that was quite a while ago now, and in the States. 
Terry is as popular with us fans as Dax is with the entire Alpha Quadrant. Did you see those pics of her at Las Vegas con this year dressed in the TOS mini dress for the costumed world record attempt?  What a team player!
Diane Mulder Muldaur is best known for playing the controversial and fan dividing Doctor Pulaski but all us Trekkies love the trivia quiz where we get to identify her as Dr Miranda … Continue Reading ››

London Film and Comic Con 2013

Writing a post is like entering the shuttlebay doors after a long away mission. Real life pulled us away for a while and we're a bit behind but got plenty to talk about.
Thanks to all of you who followed our tweets at LFCC, it was a fantastic event with a plentiful and enjoyable Star Trek guest lineup. 
Our highlight was the DS9 Talk which was one of the better Trek talks we have seen. Not only were the answers from the actors superb (naming specific episodes by actual title) but the questions from the audience were particularly astute and original. Well done Trekkies! Our favourite question from the audience was to Rene Auberjonois asking "what was the liquid used for Odo's regeneration?" - never heard that one before! Just as the audience thought Rene would never be able to answer that, he … Continue Reading ››

Away Mission – London Film and Comic Con

After a brief period of having to deal with real life 21st century issues we are grateful for a distraction this weekend and will going on an away mission to London Film and Comic Con!
It's the best bit about British Summer Time if you ask us! 
At this years #LFCC (as it's affectionately known) the organisers Showmasters have pulled off a very generous Star Trek line up that resembles a mini DS9 reunion:
Avery Brooks - Captain Benjamin Sisko
Alexander Siddig - Julian Bashir
Armin Shimmerman - Quark
Nana Visitor - Kira Nerys
Rene Auberjonois - Odo
Aron Eisenberg - Nog
Max Grodenchik - Rom
Andrew Robinson - Garak
David Warner - Chancellor Gorkon / Gul Madred
Barry Jenner - Admiral Ross
Salome Jens - Female Shape Shifter
Bruce Gray - Admiral Chekote / Surak
Kitty Swink - Minister … Continue Reading ››

Convention Report: London Film and Comic Con

We arrived at LFCC about 10am on Saturday 7th. Our Mission: To report on the phenomena that is Comic Con....
Despite being early and having a schedule that a Space Station operations manager would be proud of, we still managed to be 15 mins late to the Star Trek talk (the horror!).
This consisted of Gates McFadden, Elizabeth Dennehy, Hallie Todd and Tracee Cocco. As Sam walked in she pointed at Tracee and yelled ‘Ohh its HER from ops!’ - so crass! 
  The sound quality in the talk was sadly rather poor so it was difficult to hear but we caught an amusing story about how the crew surprised Patrick Stewart after the Best of Both Worlds arc. He hadn’t been filming on the bridge for some time, what with being a … Continue Reading ››