The Original Series: Bluetooth Communicator Buy Valium 5Mg Uk £119.95 £107.96

Description Star Trek fans of all ages will be able to make and receive mobile telephone calls using an exact replica of the iconic communicating device that Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew famously flipped open to request Scotty’s transportation services.

Buy Alprazolam Online India Structured-light 3D scanning was used to make sure that every curve and line of the original was perfectly captured. And while the Wand Company’s communicator won’t be able to call a starship orbiting the planet, it will pair with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones to answer calls with a flick of the classic antenna grille.

The Communicator will include a sleek stand, using an invisible magnetic catch to hold the Communicator securely in place, has built-in wireless charging capability making sure that the Communicator will always be fully charged and ready for use.

Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery Die cast metal, stamped and machined aluminum, specially made microphone and antenna grilles and a painstakingly reproduced housing texture ensure that the Communicator is a serious prop that will delight collectors and with its host of authentic Star Trek sounds and recorded conversation fragments, it is a cosplayers dream come true. In addition to being a Bluetooth handset, the Communicator also works as an audio speaker to play music streaming from your mobile phone or MP3 player. Be the first to review “The Original Series: Bluetooth Communicator” You must be logged in to post a review.