Chase Masterson and all her Jazz


As we mentioned in our previous reports and vBlogs, we had the honour and privilege of talking to some of the woman of Star Trek at last weekends The Longest Named Greatest Show In The Galaxy.

However we must confess to having a soft spot for Chase Masterson. We keep saying she was a complete sweetheart (because it’s true) and she is the ultimate Trekkie Girl.
We wanted to dedicate an entire post to Chase, not just because she took the time to talk to us but because she always take time to spend with all the fans. That sort of contact really makes fans feel valued. Plus she thought we were teenagers! (Our holiday to Ba’ku must have done us good!)

We should say that it was our first time interviewing a Star Trek actor. We were NERVOUS! In that excited way where we’re really glad to have the opportunity and we want to express it but not come across as a total weirdos. This is hopeless when wearing Starfleet uniforms and grinning like a Denobulan.

In our interview, we talk about Leeta being a role model, that you don’t have to be the ‘A’ type uniformed officer to be a good person or be respected. 
Chase reminds us of a something Lwaxana Troi once said; “I’m always serious, only my pleasant nature makes it seem otherwise.”. Now we are sure Ms Masterson isn’t always serious as this picture would indicate but maybe the sentiment behind Mrs Troi’s statement was “Always take me seriously”? 

Chase certainly means serious business, she mentions her charity Homeboy Industries where she is a mentor for young boys who are considered ‘at risk’ and formerly involved in gangs. Some of the services offered include counselling, tattoo removal, addiction assistance, job training and job placement.

As well as her acting, Chase’s singing career has also taken off with her taking the lead part in the film Yesterday Was a Lie. Filmed noir style, we hear Chase show of her vocal talents in some jazz numbers AND it has a science fiction story. From watching the trailers, the line “Linear time? What is this?” would fit in nicely in this film . Check out the trailers for yourself. We like them so much, we want to get the film!

Chases new album Jazz Cocktail shows of her vocal range in 12 Jazz tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in Vic Fontaine’s lounge. As soon as it comes available we’ll let you know where to buy it. Our favourite track is ‘Why don’t you do do right’ where she gives Jessica Rabbit a run for her latinum. Chase kindly gave us a copy and permission to share a sample from her album so check it out:

Jazz Cocktail. Chase Masterson, 2012.

And here is the interview:

Trekkie Girls interview Chase Masterson 12.5.12

Don’t forget to check out and her fan club, she is also a regular on twitter and Facebook