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Updated: 10th January 2018

Contains spoilers.

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USS Discovery
  • Michael Burnham
    Actor: Sonequa Martin-Green. Former first officer of the USS Shenzhou. Burnham was due to serve a life sentence for mutiny (and starting a war). Now serving as specialist on the USS Discovery. Follow Sonequa:
  • Captain Philippa Georgiou
    Actor: Michelle Yeoh. Captain of the USS Shenzhou and former mentor of Michael Burnham. Killed by T'Kuvma, main course at Klingon Buffet. Follow Michelle:
  • Captain Gabriel Lorca
    Jason Isaac, Lorca is the Captain of the USS Discovery. Lorca is charged with winning the war against the Klingons. Has a thing for Tribbles and Fortune Cookies. Follow Jason:
  • Lt. Paul Stamets
    Actor: Anthony Rapp. Stamets is an astromycologist (study of alien fungus!) onboard the USS Discovery. He has plugged himself into the Spore Drive with unknown consequences. Follow Anthony:
  • Cadet Silvia Tilly
    Actor: Mary Wiseman. A cadet in her final year of Starfleet Academy. Her speciality is Engineering and is Michael Burnham's room mate. Tilly is awesome. Follow Mary:
  • L'Rell
    Actor: Mary Chieffo. She is from two Klingon Houses T'Kuvma and Mokai (a family of 'watchers, deceivers and liars') Appears friendly with Voq. Abusive relationship with Ash Tyler. Follow Mary:
  • Lt. Saru
    Actor: Doug Jones. First Officer of the USS Discovery. Served with Burnham on the Shenzhou. A Kelpien who's species has been "biologically determined to sense the coming of death". Follow Doug
  • Lt. Kayla Detmer
    Actor: Emily Coutts. A Conn Officer originally on the Shenzhou, now serving on the Discovery. Follow Emily:
  • Lt. Ash Tyler
    Actor: Shazad Latif. Originally cast to play Kol, in a reshuffle he is now a Starfleet Security officer and former Prisoner of War. Follow Shazad:
  • Dr Hugh Culber
    Actor: Wilson Cruz. Dr Culber was a Doctor onboard the USS Discovery. He was in a relationship with Lt. Stamets until Tyler broke is neck. But in Star Trek you're only dead until you're not. Wilson grew up watching...
  • Lt. Commander Airiam
    Actor: Sara Mitch. Airim is the Spore Drive Ops Officer. Not much is known about her. Thought to be an augmented Human. Is it rude to ask? Follow Sara:
  • T'Kuvma
    Actor: Chris Obi. Status: Deceased. T'Kuvma was the Klingon Leader seeking to reunite the houses (when were they ever united!?) Follow Chris:
  • Harry Mudd
    Actor: Rainn Wilson. That's right HARRY MUDD! Another epic casting choice. Follow Rainn:
  • Lt Jnr Grade Joann Owosekun
    Actor: Oyin Oladejo. Ops Officer on USS Discovery, she exchanges some killer glances with Detmer which say what we're all thinking. Follow Oyin:
  • Commander Ellen Landry
    Actor: Rekha Sharma. Status: Deceased. Chief of Security before she was ripped by Ripper. Follow Rekha:
  • Sarek
    Actor: James Frain. Adopted Michael Burnham, can mind meld her over vast distances. The first character cast to have a connection to Star Trek cannon (from both Prime and Kelvin timelines!). Follow James:
  • Kol
    Actor: Kenneth Mitchell. Status: Deceased. Kol was the Klingon Leader and Protege to T’Kuvma. From the house of KOR!! Follow Kenneth:
  • Ujilli
    Actor: Damon Runyan. Plays a Klingon despite his Ferengi sounding name. Follow Damon:
  • Star Trek Discovery - Admiral Anderson
    Admiral Brett Anderson
    Actor: Terry Serpico. Status: Assumed Dead. A Starfleet Admiral, his ship the Europa got rammed by a cloaked Klingon ship then self destructed. Follow Terry:
  • Lt. Rhys
    Actor: Patrick Kwok-Choon. Tactical Officer on the USS Discovery. Follow Patrick:
  • Vice Admiral Katrina Cornwell
    Actor: Jayne Brook. Admiral Cornwell is a psychiatrist and an old friend of Captain Lorca. She is also kickass! Follow Jayne:
  • Dennas
    Actor: Clare McConnell. A leader in the Klingon Empire. Currently has a screenshot of Worf's surprise party as her Twitter header image. Follow Clare:
  • Admiral Terral
    Actor: Conrad Coates. An apparent Vulcan (we have our suspicions). So far so good, but there's plenty of time for him to turn bad as Admirals do. Follow Conrad:
  • Dr Anton Nambue
    Actor: Maulik Pancholy. Status Unknown. Dr. Nambue was the Chief Medical Officer of the starship Shenzhou. Follow Malik:
  • Ensign Danby Connor
    Actor: Sam Vartholomeos. Status: Deceased. Ensign Connor was a junior Officer assigned to the Shenzhou before getting blown into space in a hull breach. Follow Sam:
  • Voq
    Actor: Javid Iqbal. A Klingon outsider, "Son of None". Voq was chosen as Torchbearer and has picked up T'Kuvma's "Remain Klingon" agenda. Javid is a "real actor" as we can see from his Twitter.

24th Century Socialites. Often found in Quarks, Ten Forward and the VIP bars of Risa