New series rumours. Pre TNG and Prime?

Rumours are floating around about the new #StarTrek series today. Pre-TNG and Prime universe perhaps? Well according to Birth.Movies.Death  who has ‘heard rumours’!

Now let’s start by establishing, this is a rumour. There’s no official word and we don’t accept anything as truth until it’s been been announced by

But for fun, let’s explore this one for a minute.

  • Set in the Prime Universe


  • Set between The Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation.

The events of The Undiscovered Country occurred in 2293 and The Enterprise D was commissioned in 2364. So that’s 71 years they have to play with. What an amazing place to start! There’s many loose ends here and room to explore.

Let’s start with Praxis. How did the empire sort that one out? It could tie in with Worf’s origins on Khitomer and what happened to his Grandad who represented Kirk and McCoy?

Tuvok would also be around, about to quit Starfleet.

Kirk is about to retire in the Nexus after the El Aurions encounter the Borg.

Speaking of Borg, Annika Hanson goes on a highly questionable educational trip with her parents to meet them.

and then there’s the whole Yesterday’s Enterprise incident!

(OK breathe!)

  • Seasonal Anthology

Had to google this one. Whilst it’s alledgedly going to be ‘heavily serialized, the term ‘seasonal anthology’ means each season can stand alone. So we could jump around times here, even universes. Omg it could be ALL universes! Do that!

  • Wont be set on an Enterprise

Maybe there aren’t plenty of letters left in the alphabet after all? They’ll mention an Enterprise for us won’t they?! We’ll see a little gold ship in an office and smile knowingly to ourselves. It does leave open the endless possibility of settings.

  • Villainous Klingons

Khitomer paved the way for peace between the Klingon empire and Federation but there are always jerks! Just look at the Duras family. We know they are up to no good and just as dishonourable.

If there’s any truth to any of this, it’s certainly sparked the imagination of these Trekkie Girls. As long time, hardcore fans we must try to think beyond what we have been fed onscreen previously. Whilst we love nostalgia and the familiarity of our former cast and crews, we are also keen to meet new species, new stories and concepts. We eagerly await official news.

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  1. Putting it between will limit it. It will have the same problem as Enterprise, constrained by the established timeline. It would be better if it were Prime timeline, post events of Star Trek 2009. That gives them completely new jumping off point they can really run with.

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