Star Trek London: Clue One! We have a launch date! Star Trek London are being as secretive as Section 31 with their plans but like all good agents they have disseminated a small piece of information to keep us guessing. But that’s not going to keep us from looking for more clues! Today @StarTrek_London revealed the ‘dates’ of this mystery event…. Buy Xanax Safely Online Buy Xanax Reviews Buy Legit Valium Online Cheap Valium From China The popular opinion amongst fans is that its The Experience which is currently touring the United States. Buy Diazepam Powder We have noticed that none of our great suggestions are circulating! (See previous post Is London Ready? and What is Star Trek London? ) Buy Xanax Alprazolam We would have thought if it were he Experience they would host it for longer. This has to be a convention right? Oh please let this be a convention! Three days sounds about right? They may have wrapped up filming. Time to get started with viral marketing? What do you think? P.S We read in SFX that Section 31 is providing the security for the new Star Trek Movie. Maybe ST Movie and ST London should look at hiring the Obsidian Order.