Five Captains

To conclude the first day at DSTL we were treated to the Five Captains opening ceremony with Scott Bakula, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart and William Shatner.

The hall was packed out with eager fans ready to see their Captains but we were treated to a line up of all the guest stars. Including JG Hetzler and Robert O’Reily dressed up as Martok and Gowron. Their makeup was spot on, we got chills down our puny human spines when faced with the Chancellor and General themselves.

John Barrowman did a fab job as host, a treat for the girls and boys alike. He is also a massive Trek fan and that came across.

Some of the memorable questions include:

Kate on her first day didn’t understand some of the words in the script. Patrick Stewart met her on the set and she asked for him for advice on how she’d handle all the technical language. And this is what he said:

“Listen to me and listen to me closely. This will be the proudest work you have ever done”

Infact Kate spoke remarkable eloquently throughout the entire event. Every reply to an answer was thoughtful and kind. When asked about the greatest thing to come out of Star Trek she replied “women in science.” Ms Mulgrew is as much a role model as Captain Janeway in our eyes. She make us proud to be Trekkie Girls.

A question from the audience asked was what were their feelings toward the 2009 movie to which Shatner joked that he felt envious but watched it with ore and wonder and had nothing but good wishes and feelings toward the new crew.

On a similar subject someone asked Shatner what it would take for him to reprise his role as Captain Kirk. He joked that it would take “money” but we did wonder if he meant he would pay money to sit in the captains chair again.

There was a never ending standing ovation from the crowd at the end of the talk. It was truly a moment we will never forget and we’re sure that’s true for every fan there.

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