Fan Debates

We were lucky enough to be on the panel for the first fan debate to vote for Destination Star Trek Londons Favourite Movie.

Alongside Marc and Michael from Trek Mate and Raules the Trekologist we were amazed to find a packed out hall! Stage B was full of fans ready to share their opinions on what they feel makes a good Trek Movie.

At first we thought it would be an easy battle between Wrath of Khan and First Contact, but what was insightful was how much appreciation fans have for each of the movies, even the odd numbered ones!
Some even declared their love for Star Trek 5 but we think that was William Shatner. Speaking of the Captain, we gave a collective shout of KHAAAAAAN that we hope he heard from his signing booth. Could someone ask if he heard us please and let us know?

Discussing the 09 film got a bit contentious but it was agreed by all that no matter what your feelings toward the new incarnation, it allowed a new generation to access Star Trek. And it’s that sort of contentious renewal that has kept Star Trek alive for 50 years.

Ultimately it was First Contact that won. Although in a surprise twist Galaxy Quest came in seco