Happy New Year 2014

The holodeck doors open and the Trekkie Girls get kicked out, back to reality.

Happy New Year to all our followers. We have had a busy few weeks so wanted to give you a little update on our goings on.

We have resumed our weekly takeovers of the Destination Star Trek Germany Twitter and Facebook accounts every Wednesday at 8pm GMT / 9pm CET. On last nights takeover we were able to reveal the poll results for the Saturday night party theme for DSTG. Ladies of Star Trek won the fan vote and we had a great evening talking about some of Star Trek’s leading ladies. This will be an interesting one to see develop but are looking forward to seeing what attendees choose to wear. Time to get creative!

Is anyone else thinking of that scene from Little Britain? We can hold up our Tricorders and say “We are Laaaaaydies”.

Lunch with LeVar?

Today is the last day for our USA dwelling friends to enter a contest to meet and have lunch with LeVar Burton! We-Care.com help raise money for AIDS Research and LeVar is a great ambassador for the cause. But sign up quick, it ends tonight at 7pm EST

Say Hello to our little friend…

Carole found this little fellow at work named Arthur Dent. He had a label attached to him saying that he wanted to go on adventure. He had a URL and code attached so we looked it up and he has a list of challenges he needs to fulfil. We were able to help him out with one of the easiest ones. He wanted a nice cup of tea. Who else better for Arthur Dent to share a cup of tea with than Captain Picard (Earl Grey, naturally). 
He needs to visit the Fjords of Norway and see Dolphins which we thought were a bit of a strain on our budget for a stuffed toy so instead we took him on our New Years trip to Brussels and Amsterdam. Oh the things he has seen that weren’t on that challenge list!  We have left him in the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam in the hope that an intrepid voyager will help him with the rest of his travels. LLAP little man!

Arthur Dents travels can be found on ToyVoyagers.com