It’s Star Trek Discovery Day

As we approach the final hours before Star Trek Discovery hits the internet waves, I find myself doing that walk Captain Picard does in The Best of Both Worlds, when he tours the ship before battling the Borg.

Not that I feel we’re heading into battle but the build up to Discovery has been intense. This moment feels like the calm before the storm and life won’t be the same again.

Michael Burnham

That might sound dramatic but it’s how I feel! I remember watching the last episode of Enterprise and feeling utter despair after, believing that was the closing chapter for Star Trek. Yes, it will always live on in re-runs, fan gatherings and books but the storytelling and ongoing social commentary would be absent.

The films have been good, but it’s like having a glass of prosecco when you could be drinking Champagne.

But now us fans enter a new chapter of our lives where Star Trek is on the air. Some of us children of the eighties have spent most of our lives this way and will consider the last 12 years ‘the dark ages’! Older fans are used to this fluctuation. Eitherway, the landscape will have changed.

I wish Star Trek Discovery every success.

I look forward to making new friends because of this show.

I look forward to being inspired.

I hope this leads to more series.


On Streaming.

We’ve all heard that CBS All Access will be rolling out in other territories (At least, UK, Canada and Australia).

Nothing gets me more irate hearing people complain about having to pay for Star Trek.
Here’s my sob story…When I was a kid (starts waving a stick) the UK didn’t get episodes of TNG for a long time after the US. Like, years!

When season 7 came out, it was released on VHS before TV.  Two episodes cost £15/$20!! I got one for my birthday. Parallels and Pegasus remains my most watched episodes of all time!

To think in the future I could watch EVERY episode of Star Trek and get weekly new episodes with a budget of $8million per ep for less money would have been remarkable!

I’m sure if Enterprise had been aired this way, it would be have been free from the shackles of broadcast television’s limited criteria for success and lasted more than 4 seasons.

So if you want to have more Star Trek on your screens. PLEASE PAY FOR IT! It’s all small price  for what it gives back.