Retro Comic Revew: Planet X

By CaroleWith comic book movie fandom sweeping the nation, mostly due to Tom Hiddleston’s orgasm causing voice and the genius of Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan,  I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the forgotten gem that is the Generation 1 Crossover and its sequel Planet X. Where the Next Generation crew meet members of the X-men, leading to the great moment when Worf and Wolverine share prune juice and my personal favourite momemt when Picard meets Professor X, which surely has the making of a great one man show starring Patrick Stewart. 

They may not have the iconic scene of previous Star Trek/Marvel crossovers in which we get to see Spock using the Vulcan nerve pinch on Wolverine, truely a moment to be savoured, and it maybe a little random (ok very random) but it is something that opens up my mind to some wonderful possibilities…and it got me thinking about how comicbook adaptions are all the rage and the fan talk of a TNG reboot perhaps the two ideas should be combined? Now i know your thinking ‘What The Spock’ but bare with me, if you just consider the potential cast then this has the making of a great movie;


Patrick stewart (cause however we try we just can’t bring ourselves to think of any actor to replace him as picard)

Tom Hardy

James McAvoy

Michael Fassbender

Hugh Jackson

Alan Cummings

Anna Paquin

The list goes on and on…

Ok so i know great cast doesn’t necessarily mean great movie (I remember my disappointment watching The Crystal Skull) but you can’t deny it would be hard for such a cast to let us down. Plus there are so many talented directors/writers who are working on bringing comicbook adaptions to the big screen, just see this month’s copy of TotalFilm, there is the potential for an absolutely mindblowing story, the new Batman being exhibit A. So studios if ever there was ever a time for you to take a risk and be a bit crazy and make such an adaption the momemt is now…I know its just a impossible dream but if Star Trek has made me do anything it taught me to dream the impossible.

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  1. I'm a HUGE Star Trek and X-Men fan. I read alot of comics. With that being said I'm not sure that a movie combining the two should be done simply because some major characters from either franchise are going to end up under utilized.From a technical standpoint, it just isn't possible. Fox currently owns the rights to the X-Men movie franchise. And well, I really hope Paramount isn't planning on rebooting TNG yet or ever.You never know though. Oh btw, it's Hugh Jackman, not Jackson. 😛

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