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Trekkie Girls ep New Series, New Movie, New Convention news

The Trekkie Girls discuss Star Trek news from the week including Destinations Star Trek's announcement that Wil Wheaton will be attending their convention, the (now verified) fake Star Trek New Series poster and news that Star Trek Beyond had been reshooting scenes.

Return of the little red dress

Zoe Saldana uploaded this beautiful shot of her new and improved Starfleet wear. The dress features long sleeves, a cuff and rank trimmings! Costume buffs all over the alpha quadrant swooned over this one. Look at that tailoring! We love the collar, almost a bit TNG-esque?
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16.16.59.png https://www.instagram.com/zoesaldana Whilst it looks more in keeping with the original series dress, it retains the sharp lines and cut from the JJ-Verse in a perfect blend. Our fabulous new dress-maker may have some work coming up! *hint hint*. The fact that she is back in the uniform is because some scenes are being reshot (according to the source deadline.com) to include the actress Shohreh Aghdashloo. Rumour has it she is playing "the high command of the Federation" which has us a bit stumped. Perhaps it's the Federation President? Perhaps in this universe, there's been a greater merge … Continue Reading ››

Kirk beams down to the Academy..awards

How we regret not watching the Oscars this morning! Our Twitter and Facebook feed is full of clever Oscar/Kirk comments but the real hero of the night has to be Seth Macfarlane. He is an inspiration to all Trekkies demonstrating that no matter what you do, make sure you include some Trek goodness. Here is Seth's opening staring William Shatner as Captain Kirk.  kirkmacfarlene We think we hear a sneaky Qapla' after one of Seth's number. What do you think?...Seth?...phone us? Marry us both like Mormons Bolians. William Shatner looked fab in his TWOK maroons which we suspect might be Anovos? He may have been sat in Kirks seat but he was definitely playing the strait-faced, in-your-face Shatner persona we love. Maybe with a bit of family guys Brian mixed in!? Also at the Oscars were the other Captain Kirk, the deliciously handsome Chris Pine looking … Continue Reading ››