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Saturday at Star Trek Las Vegas – William Shatner, Brent Spiner +LeVar Burton Panels

Saturday at Star Trek Las Vegas was as packed with Star Trek goodness as a type 15 shuttlepod on a supply mission.
William Shatner
https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893926830415138816 Scott Mantz (our favourite moderator) spoke to William Shatner and their friendship and camaraderie shone through. Shatner is a man who shows no sign of slowing down. He has an ability to hold the audience with his dry wit and his well....Shatnerisms! He alluded to a new project to be announced this week involving Virtual Reality and something that 'had never been done before'? It will also be of no surprise to learn that he has a new book coming out! No really! There were a few awkward question from audience saying that a scene was written for Captain Kirk in Star Trek 09. Shatner vehemently disputed it. https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893931939899428864 Conclusion: Beneath his put-down sense of humour William Shatner obviously functions on a deep level. I've often said that he sounds like a … Continue Reading ››

STLV – Saturday Review

Saturday had an intensive schedule which was difficult for us because we had not got very much sleep! See our last post for more details The Women in Star Trek panel was one we were keen to attend as we greatly admire all the panelists that consisted of; Kate Mulgrew, Mary Czerwinksi (Glue Guns and Phasers), Bjo Trimble (from saving Star Trek fame), Dr Kayla Iacovino (TrekMovie.com), Jarrah Hodge (Women at Warp) and Amy Imhoff (Shoes and Starships). They each spoke about how Star Trek had inspired feminism and their own personal choices with the biggest laugh going to Kayla who is an actual ‘Vulcanologist’. Bjo Trimble is already a woman we look up to but this panel inspired us even more. She talked about being the 'little house wife who spoke out'. She mentioned that when she … Continue Reading ››

William Shatner Press Conference

So the first question is interesting... Does Mr Shatner think the moon landings were faked?

No, is his reply and we think the questioner got away lightly!

How did he feel about being captain? Like a big boss!

And the prospect of being in a Star Trek movie? It would be a difficult one to work but is grateful that Star Trek is being kept alive in the new franchis

He has been a busy man, talking about designing a watch, and a motorbike - a motorbike! How good would a William Shatner motorbike be!

He also mentioned about making a documentary all about The Next Generation, definetely worthy of more questions but sadly there was no time


Twitter Takeover – It’s all about William Shatner!

We're very excited about tonight's DSTG Twitter and Facebook takeover.

He was saving the galaxy before we were in diapers! He is the one-and-only and Destination Star Trek Germany headline guest WILLIAM SHATNER!!! 

Gosh we love him and we can't wait to see him in Frankfurt next week. Until then we're going to dedicate a whole takeover session to how awesome he is. See you tonight at 8pm GMT/9pm CET.

Kirk beams down to the Academy..awards

How we regret not watching the Oscars this morning! Our Twitter and Facebook feed is full of clever Oscar/Kirk comments but the real hero of the night has to be Seth Macfarlane. He is an inspiration to all Trekkies demonstrating that no matter what you do, make sure you include some Trek goodness. Here is Seth's opening staring William Shatner as Captain Kirk.  kirkmacfarlene We think we hear a sneaky Qapla' after one of Seth's number. What do you think?...Seth?...phone us? Marry us both like Mormons Bolians. William Shatner looked fab in his TWOK maroons which we suspect might be Anovos? He may have been sat in Kirks seat but he was definitely playing the strait-faced, in-your-face Shatner persona we love. Maybe with a bit of family guys Brian mixed in!? Also at the Oscars were the other Captain Kirk, the deliciously handsome Chris Pine looking … Continue Reading ››

DSTL: All Good Things

Q once said 'All good things must come to an end'. Sat here at Trekkie Girls HQ (a 1990's identi-kit house with mock tudor cladding) we feel far removed from our trekkie bubble and Star Trek themed sets/props that we have been living in this weekend (ok MDF, glass buttons and glue).
We had a blast sharing our experience with you and interacting with the fans. We got to play amongst some of the big boys such as StarTrek.com Star Trek Magazine and Syfy who were also reporting the event and doing a sterling professional job doing so. It felt like we were cadets racing our type 15 shuttlepod alongside the prometheus. So we are grateful to everyone who checked our feed.
Over the next few days we'll be updating our site with little joys that we remember from the weekend but in the meantime we … Continue Reading ››

Interviews at Destination Star Trek London

We were very lucky to get to interview some of the guests before the official opening. The press pit was crazier than Klingon with Vulcan blood fever but we survived it!
William Shatner was delighted to be at a convention in London, he loves meeting up with his fellow Captains and is good friends with Patrick Stewart. We'd love to listen in on that dinner conversation.
Interviewing Mr Shatner was an incredible opportunity and thanks to media 10 for making this happen.
Anthony Montgomery and Connery Trinneer were very chatty. They were amazed by the support that Trek fans continue to … Continue Reading ››