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Last week I (Sam) was delighted to be invited onto the Trek Mate podcast with host Wayne and special Guest Chris Cooper, editor of Star Trek Magazine. We always have a blast when chatting on Podcasts and especially Trek Mate. As we are video bloggers we try to keep our entries short and sweet – a task that can be almost impossible. The great thing about appearing on a podcast is being able to geek out and chat away, jumping from subject to subject.

I particularly enjoyed their music feature (by Matt Warwick) where the listener has to guess what episode the music score is from. It’s really hard but good fun because I could convince myself that it belonged in any episode that popped into my head!
Music in Star Trek, is an area that I don’t often give much thought but is so integral to the build up and story line. Something I learnt from Matt that I had not known, in early TNG certain races (in this case Romulans) had their own style of music to accompany them). 
Check out the podcast here: TrekMate

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