Into Darkness Press event – no spoiler post

If you don’t want to hear any spoilers about the film but want to hear other news from today’s special footage screening in London, this is the post for you.

Our spoiler free video reaction:

12.00 Arrive at BFI IMAX London. We notice two cars outside, an amazing coincidence!?

Bumper sticker reads – My other car’s a millennium falcon

We register our attendance and cheekily ask who is here, the nice man from Paramount reassures us that we’ll prefer to be surprised.

So you think your cinema is safe?

11.50 we enter the cinema, no 3D glasses have have been issued. Just bumped into some of the guys fom The Star Trek Game shindig last week. They are surprised to see us sober!
So we got to see the first 28 minutes of the film and two additional scenes. They were in 2D and looked just as stunning as 3D.
There was an introduction by The managing director of Paramount pictures followed by a video broadcast from JJ Abrams who sadly couldn’t join us due to a bad hair day…no, seriously.
Whilst watching we were literally blown away by what we saw. We experienced goosebumps, tears and laughter in a very short period of time.
At first we were apprehensive about being left hanging and truth be told it is quite torturous having to wait. But we are glad that the UK has received an early release date.
We spoke to Bryan Burke the producer of the film who was a top bloke. The film makers are keen to ensure that this movie appeals to a larger audience, those who haven’t had any experience of Trek. We feel this is very much a film you could watch as a standalone but we also saw so much of the Star Trek we are familiar with, we are confident old-school Trekkies are going to really love this movie too.
We’ll be uploading our video commentaries and interviews shortly.


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