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You’re in your bedroom fixing your latex ears or adjusting your ridges. You’re driving to a Star Trek convention the other side of the country or you’re wasted on Romulan Ale on Captain Picard Day. What’s on your playlist?

Remarkably, there is so much to choose from, we will have to do this post in two parts. We thought we’d share with you some of our favs. Split into different categories depending on your mood. In this post we bring you, Star Trek bands and Internet creations.
24th Century Rockbands, Marooned in the 21st Century.

Warp 11 were the first Star Trek themed Rockband we discovered and it was instant love. The band consists of Captain Karl Miller, Chief Engineer Brian Moore, Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer and John ‘Number One’ Merlino.
The band have just released their 7th Album – Borgasm and if its anything like the 6 preceding it, we’re in for a treat. Our favourite albums are Red Alert and Boldly Go Down On Me – and with album covers like this, who can blame us! Whilst their style is predominately rock and punk, they dabble in a bit of country (Old Country Doctor) our tricorders even detected some ska.

We always listen to these Albums when travelling to and from conventions and some of our favourite songs include Electric Man, Everything I Do (I do with William Shatner) and of course Trekkie Girl!
The language is fouler ‘than a p*ssed off Klingon’ (another Warp 11 lyric) and songs like Seven of Mine are hilarious if you have a pervy/filthy sense of humour. If thats not you, maybe you’d be better off listening to nice Vulcan ballards.

Captain Karl tells us his favourite song is one they have recently wrote called “It Only Hurts When I Picard.” We can’t wait to hear it. Visit Warp 11’s website


Somewhat newer to the scene is Five Year Mission. The crew consists of Noah Butler, Andy Fark, Patrick O’Connor, Mike Rittenhouse and Chris Spurgin. Not just any randomly assigned crew, they are musicians with impressive resumes in the Indianapolis music scene where they are based.
Their mission (and they are two years into it already) is to ‘write and record a song for each episode of the original Star Trek series’. Each song is unique in that it doesn’t necessarily follow the script of each episode but can take an element from it.

Both albums are easy to listen to and can appeal to a variety of tastes. Our favourites include ‘Arena’ ‘The Squire of Gothos’ and ‘Charlie X’

And if you’re wondering why they sound familiar, it’s because you have heard them before in their birthday tribute to George Takei:

Five Year Mission were kind enough to share with us how they felt when their video went viral after Mr Takei shared their video with his fans;
“We were on a total high for about two weeks after George Takei posted our video and emailed us! Our ultimate goal was to get him to see the video on his birthday.  It was a long shot and we figured it would never even get onto his radar. But then he posted the video on his page and said that he loved it.
Then a few minutes later we received a personal email from him.  It was unreal!” 
– Mike Rittenhouse 5YM.

Dammit Jim, wish we’d thought of that! When we asked what his favourite songs are Mike named Where No Man Has Gone Before, The Menagerie Part 2, Shore Leave, Tomorrow Is Yesterday, Space Seed andThe Galileo Seven.
Check them out for yourself at Five Year Mission

Live long and rock out with your Spock out awesome Star Trek Rock Bands!

Internet Creations
The Internet is really really good … for sharing fan made Star Trek Songs! There are plenty out there but here our a few of our favourites:
The Captain Picard Song is more genius than a Wesley-Spock hybrid brain. The original song is by DarkMateris and can be found on an archived version of his site (with MP3’s) can be found HERE. Another fan made this video to accompany it….
Adam and Joe’s Star Trek Song sends us into a Q-induced-Data-belly-laugh (thats a thing!?) every time we hear it. It gets funnier the more you listen to it.
Meerakitty’s Star Trek Girl is very catchy and you’ll be singing this in your sleep. Violet has taken it down from YouTube but we purchased it from iTunes for a mere 79 pennies and it is well worth it. The video is great, if you can find an official version. We love the “JJ” lookalike rapper! Click HERE for iTunes link

You can always see our own video of when we played this at our New Years Eve party. Warning, contains Men in Skants! (Skip to 5.11)
Soon we will bring you part two to help build your playlist, including 21st Century songs with Star Trek References and Trek Actors with Albums.


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