Star Trek: Enterprise: The Full Journey [Blu-ray]


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Amazing value for money especially when compared to other Star Trek complete box sets.
Enterprise was cancelled which is such as shame as the series took off and was developing into a gripping story. As a prequel it worked itself into Star Trek’s history adding so much richness to the Trek Universe.

All four thrill-packed seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise are yours to explore as Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) pilots the Earth’s first Warp-5 capable ship, Enterprise NX-01, on a long-range mission of research and discovery beginning in the year 2150. During his command, Captain Archer and his crew will face life-threatening challenges from the Xindi, an enemy bent on annihilating humanity via a planet-destroying super weapon, and from Terra Prime, a human terrorist group – as well as a host of problems stirred up by the ever-present Romulans. From suspiciously watchful Vulcans to the mysterious Sphere Builders, a trans-dimensional species, these are the adventures found in four thrilling seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series.


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