Star Trek: Enterprise: The Full Journey [Blu-ray]



Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled which is such as shame as the series took off and was developing into a gripping story.  As a prequel it worked itself into Star Trek’s history adding so much richness to the Trek Universe.

All four thrill-packed seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise are yours to explore as Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) pilots the Earth’s first Warp-5 capable ship, Enterprise NX-01, on a long-range mission of research and discovery beginning in the year 2150. During his command, Captain Archer and his crew will face life-threatening challenges from the Xindi, an enemy bent on annihilating humanity via a planet-destroying super weapon, and from Terra Prime, a human terrorist group – as well as a host of problems stirred up by the ever-present Romulans. From suspiciously watchful Vulcans to the mysterious Sphere Builders, a trans-dimensional species, these are the adventures found in four thrilling seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series.


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