What’s On: July

Trekkie Girls Log…Supplemental.

Boldly continuing our mission to bring to you the top UK Trek events of this year. We present to you:

July 2012
6th – 8th



Organised by the same group who bring us Collectormania (see June post). This is an all encompassing geek-fest which not only includes the autographs, photo shoots, talks and stalls which we love but it also has Anime, Cosplaying, Card trading and video-gaming zones. We find that fans are much more likely to dress up for this event. It is held the weekend before the International Comic Con in San Diego and the atmosphere and reputation of that event has influenced these London Comic Cons. British geeks all genres are getting braver and bolder. So take your camera!
So what does it have for Trekkies? :
Jeri Ryan (Has she moved here!?)
Jonathan Frakes
Robert Duncan McNeill
Tim Russ
Elizabeth Dennehy 
There are lots of other non-trek stars including the wonderful Gillian Anderson!! We have mentioned that we met over our love of Star Trek but our second big love was The X Files. One day at school we took a moment to discuss something other than Star Trek and whilst drooling over Fox Mulder we made two more friends. Hi Sarah and Vicki!
A standard admission ticket after 11am is £6 but BOOK IN ADVANCE! I’m not kidding, it is a very long queue! We still feel the pain from wearing our standard issue 5inch heeled Starfleet go-go boots for 2 hours. We had to lean on some Stormtroopers!
It is being held in the Olympia Hall, Kensington rather than its usual venue of Earls Court. We hope it has better facilities as the food and drink options were always a bit disappointing. As it is in the heart of London there are excellent transport links making it rather accessible. 
The autographs and photoshoots are reasonably priced, the big players charging maximums of £35 
We are glad there is some overlap between the attendees at Collectormania and Comic Con because we can split up the autographs over two pay checks!
These events have a great atmosphere and a sense of friendship. We’ll be there so do say ‘Qa’Pla’ if you see us! 
Oh and Hayden Panettiere will be there. And that’s why our male friends are going…..


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