Happy Birthday Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis is one of our absolute favourites on the show. The queen of Trek in our humble opinion.
So to celebrate Marina’s birthday here are some of our favourite Deanna Troi moments:

I felt she got to show all sides of her character in the episode The High Ground. We got to see her as Counsellor, counselling Wesley for emotional support after Beverly was kidnapped. Then the negotiator, supporting Picard in conflict resolution. But I really liked how she sprung into action on the Bridge when Finn beams onto the bridge. Picard throws that awesome punch and Troi takes care of securing the ship and attending to officers. She showed real strength and courage in that episode.

Now Troi has got a lot of unnecessary flack in my opinion, ranging from her hairdo’s to headaches. But one I strongly dispute is ‘Deanna crashed the ship’. I’m sure if Data had been in that seat, no one would dare make that comment and the outcome would be the same. 
Deanna actually saved most of the occupants of the ship by getting the saucer section out the way of the warp core breach. With an unresponsive navigation station she knew that that nose diving the saucer section towards the planet, it will get picked up in it’s gravity and move it away from the explosion. So the words should be “Thank you Deanna, you saved everyone, including the cat!”

Whilst everyone else is wondering how the Klingons discovered the shield frequency, Deanna is getting on with protecting the survivors.


My favourite Deanna Troi moment has to be when she gets drunk on ‘something called Tequila’ in First Contact. How many drunk Trekkies have copied those famous words “don’t talk to me about time, we don’t have the time!”. In fact, if it wasn’t for Deanna trying to ‘blend in’, they would have never have found Zefram Cochrane, there would be no first contact with Vulcan and Earth would have been assimilated! Save the Counsellor, Save the World!