Deanna and Will – Short Character Story

If you watched our livestream last night, you would have noticed a new feature called “Take Me Out To The Holosuite”. Submit any character from the Star Trek Universe and we’ll write a short story about them.

Let us know if you like this new feature! Here’s our first one where we share what we think Will Riker and Deanna Troi are doing now…..


A pack of small dogs are sprinting in an immaculate garden. The four dogs are no bigger than Earth chihuahuas, beautifully groomed and their collars adorned with wadi gemstones.

The dogs dart between rock gardens, leap over small streams and brush past the Muktok plants. As they reach their intended destination at the magnificent palatial house, the imposing doors opened to let the small occupants inside.  

Above the door in ornate letters reads “FIFTH HOUSE”.

The dogs enter a parlour where a Vulcan Ambassador is seeking an audience. He struggles to keep composure and to disguise his disgust as the dogs .. and their smell enter the room. 

The dogs make themselves comfortable in their usual spots. One on an Andorian silk pillow, another on sunny spot by the window and two on a Vitarian wool blanket. They all stare intently at this visitor in their home.

The Vulcan gives his traditional salute then offers his hand for a handshake. “Thank you for your time Prime Minister.” He then nods an acknowledgement to the gentleman stood by the Prime Ministers side “Mr Troi”.  

Betazed’s Prime minister Deanna Troi turns to her husband “trade agreements are always easier when you can tell when the ambassador is bluffing.”

Deanna is dressed in a long formal gown. The bodice has a gold ornate lace overlay and the skirt is a royal blue that sweeps along the floor as she walks. Her long curly dark hair sports a single grey streak.

Will, in contrast, is wearing his Parrises Squares Lycra suit. 

“Aren’t you judging a children’s talent show this afternoon?” Deanna asks Will.

“That was yesterday, today I’m helping you sort the rest of your mothers belongings.”

“I’ll do that tomorrow?”

“You’re bluffing!”

Will offers Deanna his arm and they walk off together, out of the parlour into the foyer. Sweeping staircases adorn either side of the room. On the centre wall is a large imposing portrait of the beloved and much missed family matriarch, Lwaxana Troi.


One month later in La Barre France, the doorbell rings at Chateau Picard. 

Jean-Luc Picard opens the comm channel. 

“Delivery for a John Luke Pikard?”

Picard is startled and hurries to open the door. His stern expression is quickly replaced with a feeling of relief as he realises its a United Federation Parcel Service officer. 

Picard places the metallic parcel on his dining room table and places his finger print of the padd located on the seal. A familiar computer voice asks “Do you accept the this item from the last will and testament of Lwaxana Troi. 

He accepts and opens the box. A folded letter inside contains a handwitten note from his former Ships Counsellor. “My mother wanted you to hold the Sacred Chalice of Rixx”

“So THIS is the Sacred Chalice of Rixx.” He murmurs to himself.  “More like a mouldy pot”.