To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei, Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu [Paperback



Admittedly, we read the casts biographies to glimpse into life working on Star Trek, but I was surprised to find how much I learned about American politics and the phenomenal life Takei has led.

Takei is now the king of the internet using his massive social media presence as a platform to express the need for reform and progression. Reading about his upbringing, it’s easy to see why it’s so important for him to never let the world forget or succumb to radical policies.

He is very upfront about his relationships with other crew members and his characters development on Star Trek, perfect for us nosey types!


For George Takei, the “Star Trek” adventure is intertwined with his personal odyssey through adversity in which four-year-old George and his family were forced by the United States government into internment camps during World War II.

“Star Trek” means much more to George Takei than an extraordinary career that has spanned thirty years. For an American whose ideals faced such a severe test, “Star Trek” represents a shining embodiment of the American Dream–the promise of an optimistic future in which people from all over the world contribute to a common destiny.



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