Destination Star Trek 3 Round up

As some of you may have heard the amazing TrekkieGirl Sam has had the most adorable little baby boy Hugh
So it has fallen to me to take up the blogging helm – so let me first apologise for the bad spelling and appalling grammar. But please do stick with me pretty please….
Thank you
Destination star trek 3 over view Day 1
It started with us sneaking in, arriving a little early and making ourselves at home, obviously meaning we headed straight for the bridge which was no less as impressive as it had been in Germany. Knowing that soon not only would the TNG crew but the Shat himself  be sat in those very seats we were excited to say the least.
But there was little time to explore more before we had to dash (and I do literally mean dash) to the press conference hosted by the terrific Jordan Hoffman where the equally as fabulous Jeri Ryan and Marina Sirtis took centre stage. This was our first taste of what was to come and already we were bouncing like kids at Christmas.

Next for us came hosting our quiz, prepared by me for a cadet level, meaning a fun and light hearted quiz for those like me who can’t retain information.  We had a series of multi-choice rounds including a photo round and then on to a sudden death round where the questions were a little harder. Thank you everyone who took part,  it was lovely to see so many of you out there. Especially to Laura our winner. Congratulations
Our quiz was followed by a very interesting debate by the engage podcast about the Borg. The audience were asked to decide whether the Borg were heroes villains or both – this encouraged a lively discussion ( please see their site for more information.)
Jordan Hoffman hosted a Vegas inspired panel on the best TNG episode, we voted for The Inner Light.
Then probably the highlight of the day was the opening ceremony hosted by the one and only Jonathan Ross. A whirlwind of stars were paraded before our eyes each given enough time for a few questions.  Jonathan tried to get to the bottom of gossip on rumours that William Shatner will be in the new Star Trek movie. Sadly William Shatner give nothing away (Nooo I need to know). Bruce Greenwood (for whom this was his first convention) looked a little overwhelmed but went on to explain how touched he was feeling and overwhelmed by the response he had received (brought a tear to your eye). But it was Nichelle Nichols sharing a kiss with Robert Picardo to thunderous applause which was my personal highlights.