DST3 Day 2 Overview

DST3 day 2

Aka its not easy being green
With a 7am make up call and maybe 4 hours sleep…

Oh my god I forgot to mention the Friday night party on my day 1 overview. So the amazing Risa themed party with the Enterprise Blues Band playing, made for a  great night. We partied with the Engage Podcast and danced the night away. The band stayed to sign CDs and join in the fun, Steve Rankin even stage driving at one point the success of which must be partly credited to the OriginalTiT – Sarah. The atmosphere was amazing and even after the bar closed the party continued…hence why for most of the morning of day 2 we were a trekkie girl down.  Naughty Tress

Sorry back to day 2

After the painting and poking by the ‘beauty team Karen Ward ‘ who did an absolutely fabulous job, it was on to the world record attempt (trying to break the record for number of trekkies dressed in costume). Sadly we didn’t break it, however much we fluttered our eyelashes, but we do still hold the record so that’s okay ( just can’t let Vegas win – hehe)

First we went to see the fan favourite Colm Meaney he has a filthy tongue and we love it.  He’s a rare treat at a convention

Then it was off to enjoy the gorgeous Karl Urban’s talk, a small fight broke out between me and Sarah both of us having called dibs. He spoke of his excitement of being in the next film and his admiration for fellow cast members and for DeForest Kelley. Who he explains he pull on like a jumper as he goes into character, which is a lovely analogy.

Okay I guess they look kinda cute together
The living legend that is Nichelle Nichols was on next she was an complete sweetheart,  though she struggled a little but Robert Picardo was sat next to her helping her through. She spoke passionately about Gene Roddenberry saying that he wrote characters in such a way that you didn’t need to act, he understood them so well. As Nichelle took her bows, Robert Picardo spoke of her contributions not only to Sci – fiction but to science, after the cancellation of Star Trek she worked with NASA to help recruit minority and females, this special project was a great success and truly a lasting legacy for this living icon. There wasn’t a dry eye in the  house.
The highlight of the day was the TNG reunion, like a dysfunctional family taking the stage.  Brent Spiner being the naughty little boy and William Shatner as a fun grandpa figure. They reminisced about their time on set and discuss in detail what a practical joke is but the stand out moment must be when they reacted Partrick Stewart being knighted. During which Marina Sirtis stepped up to defend the Queen.

Other highlights – Patrick Stewart appearing on stage with his giant of a son. The two had quite the laugh between themselves, almost as if the audience wasn’t there. When asked Patrick Stewart said that he wouldn’t play Picard again ‘he’s moved on from him’ but added if JJ were to call then perhaps he could be persuaded (fingers crossed) Jeri Ryan dazzling all, and the discovery of just how hard she had it on set, makes us look at her character in a whole new light