DSTG day 3

It’s closing up time here at DSTG and we are sad it’s all over. We spent the afternoon doing our Women of Star Trek panel which we hope raised awareness to the role of women in Star Trek and in the audiences that watch it. We are very grateful to all who came and especially those who shared their insights with everyone else.

The William Shatner talk was captivating. He has an ability to answer every question with a remarkable and relevant story from his past.

Karl Urban talked about his other work and quoted his own lines in character much to the audiences delight.

Did you know his three favourite films are One Flew over the Cookoos nests, Bullit and No country for old men?

The TNG bunch have the reputation for being the most close knit bunch but the same rapport oozes from the DS9 talk with Rene Auberjonois, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs and Armin Shimmerman.

Armin and Rene reminded us of Quark and Odo with their loveable put downs!

Other than talks, we had a bit more time to look around and talk to to lots of people enjoying the event. The highlights for many people we spoke to were having the opportunity to meet their favouite Trek stars and meet other likeminded friends .

Highlights of the weekend: TNG Reunion. And getting told off for not leaving the party and getting caught on the bridge, pretending we have the night shift.

Weird bit: Captains Kirks Plomeek soup – errr? (Although we heard it was delicious)

And lack of Stormtroopers. Did anyone else see one? There’s always one. But not here