DSTL Weekend Highlights

Hopefully you have soaked in all of our wisdom from our  ‘How To Survive a Star Trek Convention’ series and now you are almost ready to attend the real deal.

Whether this is your first or forty seventh convention, you still need to plan your days and we hope this will help you.
The Timetable has been released and there is something for everyone. We wish we had clones of ourselves so we could do it all. But for us single bodied lifeforms, we have to choose. 

Here is a little guide of what we think are going to be the unmissable events:

TIP: Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our homepage for updates. We’ll be at Excel early in the morning so will inform you of queue times (Sounds like a John DeLancie episode) and will also be reporting from the Captains press conference before the event begins (well la de da!).

Doors open at 2pm but plan how you are going to get there now. As soon as you arrive, get your tickets for any talks, autographs or photos you want. You don’t want them selling out before you get a chance.

Debates: There are several fan debates throughout the weekend including favourite episodes from each series and favourite movie. Vote now for your favourite episode on DSTL’s page and then discuss it this weekendWhichever episode wins will become DSTLs official favourite episode.

We’ll be part of the panel in some of these debates and will be hosting Sunday mornings ‘Female Star Trek Fans’ (Or Trekkie Girls)

17.30 – The UK’s first Klingon Wedding Ceremony!! Two happy guests will be get married Klingon style. Lets hope they don’t break a clavicle friday night.

19.00 – Opening Ceremony. Rare opportunity to see all five Captains and first time in Europe.
19.30 – Alternative Ceremony. I suspect this ceremony will be racking in the LOLs. Dominic Keeting and Conner Trinneer are hi-larious.

20.30 – Klingon Party. Put on your Bat’leth and Breast plates but if you’re smuggling tribbles, you’re in big trouble.

If you’re not going to any of the Captain’s talks there is so much to do. There are Fan debates on TNG, DS9, TOS and VOY plus a talk on Evolution Of The Fan that sounds interesting.There is a good mix of actor talks and ‘behind the scenes’ talks. We have never seen a makeup demo before will try to see that. If you have lots of questions about the story arcs you might want to listen to the Producers talk. Thankfully Saturday and Sundays talks are fairly similar so you can divide them up.

18.00 – Guinness World Record Attempt for the largest gathering of Star Trek characters. We did this at Vegas once and it really is a sight to see. If you aren’t dressed, you’ll still want to glismpe it.
If you join in, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped break a world record doing something you love!

19.30 – TNG Party. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of TNG. Chase Masterson singing live is reason enough but we are intrigued to find out who else will show up? You never know who you will meet….


09.30 – Fan Talk ‘The Female Trek Fan’. We’ll be up and firing on full thrusters (although not warp speed) and we’d like to talk to you about the female Trekkie. Is Star Trek still considered a ‘male genre’ – has it ever been? We’re going to talk about stereotypes and taboos. We hope you’ll join us…and bring us Raktijinos!

If, like us, you have spent all your money on autographs, photos and Romulan Ale shots that you took off a green coloured girl the night before, you may want to spend the last day looking around the museum, hanging out in the Federation chill out zone or maybe find a nice comfy chair in the ‘free stage’ and stay there all afternoon whilst constantly asking the Bolian next to you ‘what’s next?’ because you lost your showguide again.

TIP: A lot of people think that leaving early means you ‘beat the crowd’. This means an hour before closing time looks like red hour. We prefer to stay right to the end (ok we get manhandled by a security guard kicking us out) but the autograph queues are shorter and you can chat longer with the guest. Don’t risk it for a signature you desperately want but it’s worth the stay.

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